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AORUS – GeForce GTX 10 Series Gaming Laptops

Wish granted!

Introducing the new AORUS gaming laptops with the latest GeForce GTX 10 Series graphics.
Aside from the huge boost in performance, we’ve also got a few other tricks up our sleeves!

The RGB Fusion Keyboard has finally arrived on the X5 and X7 series, providing per-key RGB backlight in 16.8 million colors.
For the hardcore fps enthusiast, meet the first-ever 120Hz fatests gaming laptop display.

Learn more about –
X7 DT v6
X7 v6
X5 v6
X3 Plus v6

Stay tuned –
AORUS Website: http://www.aorus.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aorusglobal/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AORUS_Gaming/
Forum: http://forum.aorus.com/


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  2. with such power and perfomance one can literally control the world, hahaha  no kidding at least the gaming and working world

  3. I will keep this as plain as I can. Hell yes I want it why well I am father and a husband the days of being able to buy myself something are long gone. I know what you are thinking thats your choice and yes it was but I would be a fool if I did not enter thos competition and try and win. I could tell you how I would use the lap top for my shows all over south africa for orphans and I would have finally have a lap top that would run face rig correctly with out lag bringing that extra level top the shows inter activity which would all be true. Buit deep down inside me I want it for raiding on world of warcraft upping my gaming to the next level

  4. love the understatement of its power and performance

  5. I still don't find the x3 plus v6 on sale in France, is it normal? Any release date about it? 😡

  6. look here

    its VR compatible… im getting RID of my Hp… i want this as in like…. id sell my mothers shoe to the devil n he will def buy it… and my girlfriends hair for this… but just throw away my Hp i've seen the light in this video…. i want!!!

  7. Is your 2560×1440 120hz 5ms panel a full IPS version?
    Can you confirm that please? I thank you since the beginning.

  8. I am suprised that your chanel has only 1.800-1.700 subs

  9. So now they're shipped with single GPU, yet they keep the G-Sync.
    Is it permanent or can you deactive the Nvidia card and use the integrated?

  10. It's due in stock in the UK at the end of September. Looking to grab my self one of these, I'll post up a review on the laptop when I get my hands on it. =)

  11. Are you guys planning to make a liquid cooled sli 1080 4k 144hz laptop w. GSYNC? I'd buy that immediately! Anyway, your laptops look lovely, keep up the good work!

  12. In some previews we saw no logo on the trackpad and it was looking much better! Come on, it's ugly and waaaay too big.

  13. I think the screen will be LCD right ? Do you plan to fit a OLED screen I think even a FHD OLED will be much better than QHD LCD just because of the color reproduction and all the others pros of OLED technology, is it only cost that is stopping you from using such panels ?

  14. I'm looking for a Pascal laptop and I've shortlisted the ASUS Strix GL502VS, MSi GT62VR, and the Aorus X5 V6.

    I have only seen these laptops on videos and not in person so I'm having a tough time deciding on which one to get. All have the GTX1070.

    I would prefer the 120hz screen & wonder if the updated Acer Predator 15 or Alienware 15 will be as good.

  15. Any idea I can add a touch screen to the x5? That would truly make it a complete package.

  16. we dont have the same definition of 30 and 60hz, and 75 fps on a 120hz screen, so so useful

  17. will pricing be around 3000? also, have there been improvements to cooling and fan noise since last generation? (specifically on the aorus dt v6) this seems to be the perfect laptop, but my only concern is cooling and fan noise 🙂

  18. can i have a link to the wall paper that was used in the video