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AORUS Gaming Laptops – The Next Gen Starts Now with Intel 7th Gen Kaby Lake CPU

The best just got even better! (bester?)

Introducing the next gen AORUS gaming laptops, now featuring overclocked 7th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, and more!

Aside from the astounding graphics that we all know, the new X5 and X7 will even come with ESS Hi-Fi Audio DAC, and yes, Thunderbolt 3!

Stay tuned –
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  1. Hi Aorus – When is the launch date for the X5/X7 V7 Series? Will we be seeing a model that includes a 1080TI? I'm looking to order a new performance laptop soon and wanted to check and and see when the release date is.

  2. please Aorus team answer me if possible can i change the QHD+ resolution of the Aorus x3 v7 to 1920 x 1080 and is the USB type c a thunderbolt one on the X3 v7

  3. I love you guyz aorus …huge fan of you .. you and your whole team are artists who always create masterpieces which keep the world stunned keep it up huge fan from india

  4. When will these maxhines appear at amazon?There are models but with i7 6820hk

  5. Any updates on release? Went through the same ordeal last year with constant delays and poor communication about launch. Would be nice to have some answers from AORUS instead of just leaving people hanging. I'd like to get the X5, but without any word on release or what these "surprises" will be, I'll have to buy something else.

  6. When are the laptops gonna be affordable? nobody's gonna get this laptop unless it has a reasonable price

  7. when will it be available online?

  8. It looks as though the keyboard is finally molded into the chassis, is that true? If so this is looking to be the best slim gaming laptop. Nice going Aorus! 😀

  9. to bad the X3 Plus v7 dont have Thunderbolt 3

  10. This would be perfect without the eagle on the trackpad, and maybe not even the back of the screen (small and in the corner if at all).

  11. Just sold my XPS 15 9550 to get a Kaby Lake Pascal laptop. Any ETA on the x5 v7? I'll wait for it if it's a few weeks to a month.

  12. Could you please give us the option to choose a FHD 120hz 5ms screen over a QHD screen?

  13. If X7 V7 had 1080p fhd panel with 120hz refresh rate as an option it would have been the perfect gaming laptop for me. Too bad you guys decided to go with those fancy high resolutions, not everybody needs them especially on 17inch laptop.

  14. Ah finally thunderbolt 3 , what a time to be alive 😀

  15. I vote for taking the blue off of the track pad and making it like Alienware where you can change its color.

  16. I am holding off on getting the current X7 DT V6 with Sky lake to get one with Kaby Lake. When will you know an exact release date?

  17. Did you guys really not put a thunderbolt 3 in the x3 v7?

  18. I'm really wondering when x5 v6 1080p 120hz version is comin out
    can't find it anywhere only 3k one 🙁

  19. when will the X3 v7 be released, it's on the website but on the stores!

  20. Please dont put another bluish looking trackpad. For RGB keyboards we need a more neutral color.

  21. i have been waiting this for a long time:) when it gonna be available in US?

  22. Is the Screen Tearing Fixed On The QHD Screen?

  23. Bought 2 weeks ago the x7 and now this appears. Fuck.

  24. Are You Guys Making your own Graphics Card Dock

  25. Is This In CES 2017 Right Now?

  26. I must say, i am super hyped for the X3, its light and powerful, will it be cheaper than the 2016 model?

  27. THANK YOU MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED. TB3 PORTS LEGGO. One last thing, will we have to wait a long time like the x5 v6 which I believe one model still isn't being sold yet? And will Canada receive some love since this is hard as hell to buy one here?



  29. Please slimmer bezels, those are a pain to look at

  30. i just came!! I AM SO HAPPY! I CANT WAIT TO BUY IT!!!!

  31. Wow that's epic. I wish I could afford it 🙁

  32. Best gaming laptops in the world!