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Alienware 15 R2 2016 Gaming Laptop Review

This video is brought to you by Alienware. Check out the range of Alienware laptops available here: http://bit.ly/1oWI8an
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  1. That device was so beautiful. I don't understand they changed that design with the R3. :/

  2. I heard the standard FHD screen lacks brightness and is a little off on the RGB side of things. Then I heard that the 4k screens tend to bleed a little. My question is, is it worth the extra $$$ for the 4k screens or is the FHD good enough?

  3. I would buy this laptope if it wasn't so darn expensive

  4. i am waiting when i put my hand on one of these alieware ???

  5. Do you still own this laptop? If so, do you have light/screen bleed? I am buying this particular laptop. The seller says it's 4K but how can it be 4K when the screen has this matte look?

  6. The ONLY negative was price?! Honest review my ass

  7. I really want one but I don't have the cash to buy one all I have is a terrible chrome book and my console is always being used so I barely get to play some quality games in peace so I really need a gaming laptop to play wherever I go and bring to friends house for LAN play but I can't. I really want one anyone help me pleaseb

  8. Hey guys should I get the 15 or the 17 inch laptop

  9. I got a free laptop for an "honest" review.. Lmao

  10. Here  is Interesting comment I have the 14 model of this computer and it works really well to  but dose it have the same RAM and Storage but it dose run quite fast though and it dose work for me.

  11. I have well and truly fallen out with apple the new range of macbooks are poorly thought out, un upgradable and no hard drive storage space. I am a House music DJ and I was looking at a Alienware machine to run Serato DJ on and my mixer would it handle this software and hardware without issue. I was always told if you do music do mac but I am finding the present machines a massive let down and bought a new one last year and I just feel like i wasted £2450… Please give me your opinion I love windows 10 and my daily machines are windows inc lenovo laptop & desktop and a microsft surface pro

  12. Does that Laptop come in blue? I wanna get a gaming Laptop and Red isn't really my color.

  13. Chances are your Alienware will be fine..But should a problem arise that is not an easy fix for Alienware, they turn into lying dirtbags real fast imho. I had Moe (the scumbag) state " he could not fix my issue because I had lodged a complaint against Alienware, and my account was "locked "unless" I removed my complaint", that is the way the dirtbags at Alienware roll.
    Remember your best defense against these weasels " I am going to file a dispute with my Credit Card company" Miraculously my account was unlocked, a shipping box was sent from Alienware, and a prepaid shipping label was sent. My system was repaired, and shipped back to me free of charge within 2 weeks….right after I "disputed" the charges with my CC company. After getting the run-around for over 5 months (appx).
    This issue happened over 10 years ago..that is how much I "still" despise these dirtbags,imho.
    I am sure no one at Alienware ever thought their actions would be revealed via YouTube, Yelp, etc etc.,
    I even asked the people at Dell, who had recently acquired Alienware to assist me in this matter they refused..Dell sucks also imho. I build my own desktops since my first IBM Clone XT using DOS 2.11 (?).
    My son just had to have an "Alienware". I have always built my own desktops, or have purchased Asus, Acer, laptops when needed.
    Alienware and Dell are human trash imho in my book, and I will "never" forget how these dirtbags roll.
    Again "Chances are your Alienware will be fine" this comment is intended for those that receive a defective unit that is not an easy fix.
    Beware Alienware and Dell are SCUM imho (after 10 years, I still "HATE" these weasels).
    So yeah I am a "hater" when it come to Alienware…Big Time !!.

  14. asus g752 beat this little noob

  15. I feel dumb, but where can i find the place where you put in a disc?

  16. apparently the screen on the r2 is horrible (under 200nits) how does it look for every day usage? Thanks!

  17. I have no room in my well room so I want a laptop but my friend says to get a PC and hook it up to the TV which one should I get??

  18. Well, can't wait to get my laptop depending on what I decide on.  Thinking about getting this because going to college and wont be able to take my custom computer with me so I need a laptop.  Still deciding on what to get, need to have it figured out by this Sunday no later so I cant wait to figure out what I'm getting.  All I want is to play games at a minimum of medium at 60fps but I want to get out of the laptop as much as I can.  Thanks to a scholarship I got for college I can increase my budget from under 1k up to around 1500 or 2k if I really wanted to push the limits for a laptop.  But great video.


  20. how good do you think a intel core i5 6300HQ could run star wars battlefront, fallout 4 or any other recent game

  21. I've seen multiple videos on this laptop, some have a full glass screen like on a MacBook which looks great but others such as this one don't have a shiny screen and have plastic bezels. What's the difference?

  22. If it can handle Gameplay and Editing Videos in Sony Vegas or Premiere, im sure it would be able to handle Protools or FL Studio 11 with no problem right? Really tempted to get one of these for YouTube Stuff.

  23. i play world of Warcraft on mine is it normal for my laptop to get hot quickly?

  24. I have a desktop I built ,spend around 3k on it , but since im a college kid I'll need one on the go

  25. Reasons why people buy a laptop other than performance per dollar: 1.Build quality 2.After sales service 3.Laptop design 4.Driver support and ease of troubleshooting 5.Brand 6. and so on

  26. i would choose this laptop but the weight and thickness seems like a huge hassle to be carrying around

  27. I'm really bad with this kind of stuff. Can I still use google docs and slides etc with this laptop? I'm looking to get a laptop but need it for school as well.

  28. I don't want undermine your opinion but there's a huge difference between a gtx 970 n 970m

  29. Are you sure that it uses a 970M coz i own a 980M version and it does not produce 30fps on ultra constantly. It dips below 26fps also and throttles like crazy on ultra so i can only play on high settings at 40-45fps…

  30. That is a thunderbolt 3 port, not usb type C

  31. hi my name is jacques. and i just want to know if you can play "spintires" on these laptops

  32. Why buy this for 2000 pounds u can get a clevo which has i7 6700k and a desktop gtx 980 desktop version!!!!!!!!

  33. boring video, laptop is dumb
    Just buy a tablet!