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AGENTS OF MAYHEM – Official Trailer (New Open World Game 2017) Saint Row Universe

AGENTS OF MAYHEM – Official Trailer (New Open World Game 2017) Set in the Saint Row Universe
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  1. Saints row 2 and 1 beat what are the makers doing

  2. so crackdown in everyway… ok

  3. They're so explicitly ripping off Overwatch's aesthetic. I mean, come on guys, try a little harder.

  4. should've remastered Saints Row 2

  5. At this point with Saints Row, i'd settle for a remastered version of either SR1 or SR2. Every game they bring out with the "Saints Row" title on just pushes the franchise further and further away from the street hustle, gang life game Saint row was.

  6. Yes I would like to give this new game a chance, Saints Row spinoff game, u have to play the game before u can say u love it or hate playing the game , I'm get it a chance before knocking it

  7. Another piece of shit from deep silver!!!

  8. Saints Row + Mods = Agents Of Mayham

  9. deep silver is going to lose alot of money over this

  10. Looks more like like Borderlands than Saints Row.

  11. Oh glory another generic idiotic shooter just what the people asked for. The market is overfilled with these type of shitty games it's not even funny anymore.

  12. so are part of the saints since they have there logo on them

  13. they don't even call it saints row

  14. saint row 3 was the last gud part for me. In the next Saint row the EARTH WAS ATTACKED BY ALIENS AND THE LAST WHICH CAME WAS WAY TOO MUCH GAT OUT OF HELL!!!! I MEAN WTF !!!! The game went too far…

  15. Rather have a st row game that didnt have super powers think I would be better that way

  16. crap game.
    What is the target audience ? FSK 10 ?

  17. one of them look like iron-man lol.

  18. these people need to stop using fucking saints row with all they shit they already fucked up 3 and 4,gat out of hell they need to stop this shit with this borderlands halo ass looking game like how the fuck do you go from gangs and shit to fucking space then hell then to fucking special agent shit

  19. this shit not about to get nk sales I'm not about to waste my money on that bullshit should of just sticked with saint row tbh ?????