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Against the Odds: Bitter Ordeal (Games)

What are the odds of winning with a deck built around Bitter Ordeal in Modern? We’re about to see!

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  1. please please please reply these games if they fix the bug on plunge into darkness Seth!

  2. hey Seth, what do you think of the new rules for split cards that prevent the expertise from doing breaking & entering?

  3. This was a very special episode of Against the Odds.. you should've named it Ultra Against the Odds

  4. I like watching Seth's videos, but his constant loud whining gets pretty annoying.

  5. Game 1…turn 1…plays Marsh Flats instead of Courtyard…why!?

  6. At 20:40, why not extract Emrakul while the shuffle trigger was on the stack? Were you waiting to hit something else?

  7. Seth always sounds so religious during against the odds.

  8. Bitter Ordeal is one of my pet cards(along with lost legacy, Surgical extraction,extirpate, look I really like exiling cards from my opponent deck) and here are some thoughts. Firstly, you really don't need the artifact to win off Ordeal. The strength of these effects are removing answers to the treath you have before your opponent can draw them. Second, ghost quarter is insane with bitter Ordeal, hard to jam the plasser while three color, but especially with tron beeing a thing running some would probably be good. Third, since we really don't want to crack fetches until we are going to gravestorm off Urborg is really good at still alowing us to play on curve without cracking our fetches. This deck is sweet though, grate work!

  9. this has gotta be one of my favorite against the odds decks you've ever done. mardu is my favorite color combo, lingering souls, young pyromancer, bitter ordeal and plunge into darkness are all among my favorite alltime cards, and i never would've thought of psychogenic probe but it was just the perfect card to tie this whole deck together! too bad plunge was bugged cause i feel like that would've easily bumped your win/loss ratio up like 10%

  10. wow – the plunge sure would have won some games

  11. Considering how many decks require certain pieces of their deck, this seems really good. Maybe a bit slow, but really cool deck Seth. Sorry about the bug.

  12. Have you considered the Possibility Storm/Curse of Exhaustion lock for Against the Odds?

  13. I think 'Bitter Ordeal' is just the project code name of MOTO.

  14. If you take out the bitter ordeal combo pieces, could this be a reasonable Mardu deck of some kind? I really want to find a deck that lets me play Path to Exile, Lightning Bolt, and Fatal Push all together.

  15. Slow the speed to .5, put the time to 2:42. Sounds like he's orgasming. 😀

  16. After Amon-cat comes out, paw-leas build a standard cat tribal deck and have as many cat-astrophical cat puns as you cat. Don’t take it purr-sonaly but you have to improve your cattitude and be more paw-sitive, I re-fur to your catitude toward cats of course. I am tail-ing you I am not kitten-g you, that would be hiss-terical. So help meow-t here and don’t fut-get this post, if you purr-haps consider it as a paw-sibility, that would be purr-fect. I am waiting fur-ward to see it, yours the servant of our great lord, the god-pharaoh Nicol Bolas.

  17. Love you vids man thank you for the content (:

  18. 20:41 Why didn't you Extract the Emrakul in response to the graveyard trigger?

  19. Sad that Plunge is bugged. It combos really well with Dark Petition. Search for Plunge, cast plunge paying the entwine cost, cast bitter Ordeal. Although it really is hard getting to so much mana. Well, at least It search for Plunge which searches for Bitter.

  20. don't blame the deck when you keep a 1 land hand. that's just being greedy and he was on the play also.

  21. 10:35 I can see why you would just play the thoughtseize correctly assuming the burn was in hand, but you missed the ideal play here. Marsh Flats first for a plains, (drop to 2) activate Shambling Vent and attack for 2 which brings you up to 4 and THEN play thoughtseize to drop back to 2. This also gives you the 5 mana needed for Dark Petition the following turn.