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Acer Predator G6 Gaming Desktop Unboxing & Review

Here is my review of Acer top of the line gaming rig. The Acer Predator G6 Enjoy

Acer Predator G6: http://goo.gl/LheI6N
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  1. hey r those headphones at the wall enough for u……..

  2. your videos are neatly informing, you've got a subscriber. 🙂

  3. It looks like something from 2010 on the inside

  4. this one is over priced.you can build a PC with GTX 1080 with that money

  5. my sister litteraly got this shit on sale at a Costco for 1000 dollars I'm jelly

  6. Can I use for video editing? Thanks very much.

  7. This Predator G6 Can Be Connected Just At A Acer PC?I Have A Lenovo C20 Series,So If I Buy This I Want To Know If This Case Can Be Connected At My PC

  8. vou vender mimha casa pra comprar um desse

  9. Im gonna Pick one up soon it Costa 10k in DKK

  10. Lol i just go to the mall recently and saw this,its huge and expensive as hell,haha but really cool and the graphics is pretty great fr a game

  11. My Acer predator is $3000 and the screen is Acer predator and it's $2000

  12. that's it buying one right now on amazon

  13. Does acer have to pay for the use of the predator name??

  14. how much is it my buget is 1000 dollors

  15. What the hell are talking about man ? ofcourse you can open the side panel and upgrade that computer, Did you even try to open it ?

  16. now they got this beast the the new 1080.

  17. I have a dell monitor. Can I hook this to the monitor??

  18. I saw that PC on COSTCO $1299 AND Predator 27" Monitor $799

  19. A thousand dollars for only 40 fps on the witcher my shity laptop plays at 44 fps avg on low-med settings how is that bad I would expect 80-90 fps for a fucking thousand dollars

  20. How many monitor can we connect at the time ?

  21. 'you cant change the graphics card?' Lmao, you can definetly upgrade the G6 after the fact. pull off the side panel, you can add a new Graphics card (not dua,up to GTX1080l) more ram (32GB) an SSD. and loads more. is this your first PC?

  22. you r wrong no offence i have it n it comes with a predator mouse n keyboard?not a sensi mouse n keyboard?

  23. What a MONSTER P! Can you name at least two games you know that makes the most of this PC's killer power?:) Full graphics/Physics?

  24. anybody knows where you can buy the case?