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A History of Cancelled Star Wars Games

Star Wars is one of the most popular settings in all of video games, so it’s no surprise that its owners are continually looking to create new bestselling games in …


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  1. The minute: 13
    The second: 13
    STAR WARS 1313

  2. OMFG 1st assault looked awesome! Disney… never forget. What we got? That shitty battlefield clone from ea.

  3. Star Wars 1313 looks so awesome anyone would buy it

  4. As soon as I had seen the trailer for Star Wars 1313 I was sold. Looked amazing and it felt right. Damn Disney.
    The First Assault game I never heard of but it looked great!
    A new Jedi Knight game, yes please! KotoR 3? YES, GOD YES! In my opinion, Bioware or The Whitcher games developers may develop it! Maybe cooperate πŸ˜€ (Now that's whishfull thinking)

  5. The rogue squadron games did not age well? I actually consider them among the most well aged games of their generation.

  6. What about the force unleashed 3?

  7. Smartass , look at how long the video is

  8. This video was super. It also shed light on some misinformation I heard along the games' news.

  9. video is 13 minutes and 13 seconds long. coincidence I think not!

  10. Oh what could have been if Disney didn't fuck Star Wars fans out of great games but above all Fuck EA

  11. Before he filmed TFA, Adam in an interview said in the Marines, they were taught to pound on wounds in order to numb the nerves (lessening pain) and slow bleeding, allowing the soldier in the field to keep on fighting. My personal opinion is that Adam added that part himself to the scene.

  12. notice that this video ends in 13:13 but the cancel star war game that said was "star wars 1313" easter egg confrimed

  13. Jesus notch down the high shelf on the EQ

  14. I like that video length is 1313 πŸ™‚

  15. The SWG music started playing and I got chills…I miss that game so much

  16. I want the golden voice to read me a bedtime story.

  17. Hey everyone, thanks again for your awesome response! If we reach 2000 likes, we'll follow this video up by discussing more cancelled Star Wars games in a Part 2! πŸ™‚

  18. all these games are from xbox 360 days or older and they still look better than EAs battlefront.

    seriously fuck you EA. the star wars license is wasted on you.

  19. Imbeciles… Give it to CD Project Red! πŸ˜› Haha

  20. I ser What you did there. Clip length is 13:13

  21. I just realised the Star Wars: 1313 reference in the video length.

  22. Cannot wait for EA to lose their licence to Star Wars Games in 2023, coz then by 2025 so many other studios will be seeing the feedback to EA's shitty games and know exactly what we want. Stuff like a propper KotOR 3, Battlefront 3, Imperial Commando and fucking 1313!
    Man I'm so salty about that 1313 cancelation still…

  23. George Lucas canning the Chewbacca game is just further evidence that George neither understood nor cared what fans wanted. So what if he was a sidekick in the movies? That would only make him better suited to mined for trans media narratives. SMH

  24. Honestly the cancelation of 1313 probably hurt me the most. I would have loved to have seen a game focused on my favorite character in the Star Wars universe. Fingers crossed that EA gets their shit together and brings 1313 back from the dead.

  25. 2:11

    This is the one that will always break my heart. I'm barely kidding. This is what I imagine parents feel like when their kid dies. I don't know if I'll ever get over this…

  26. If it's not some mind numbing bs it's not good I guess