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A Great Value Gaming PC for 2017!

Tried to find the best price to performance gaming PC available! Thanks to Aria / Gladiator PC for sponsoring the PC in this video. The Gladiator Apocalypse Mk …


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  1. No pet sheep were harmed in the making of this, I don't think, but if you see one with a sock on its tail you'll have to post it back to me.
    (I do enjoy making these as they're a bit different, always check prices for yourself especially if you are from a different country, this is as good as I could find though. Hopefully it's an interesting video even if you're not interested in a PC)
    Hope Christmas was good!

  2. The first shot of the pic was epic, because of the skyrim music

  3. Buy a 2nd hand refurbished HP Compaq but make sure it is a full size case. I just ordered one with an i5 3570, 8GB RAM and 1TB HDD for just under $210.

    This gives you 250-260 to spend on a compact EVGA 1060 GPU and $40-50 on a PSU + 20 pin to 2x6pin adaptor (HP uses weird power to mobo) and you basically get a $800 PC for $500… or for $600 you can put in a GTX 1070 and own the games.

    If something like the HDD, mobo etc. breaks it is cheaper to replace it (as long as it isn't the CPU) then buy a new PC so it is a bargain either way (and the GPU will be new with full 2 year ltd replacement.

  4. Thought you got it from Overclockers since they give Haribos

  5. How long does it take you to render in the editor?

  6. The G4560 is pretty much the 6100 but 50% cheaper. You'll only get like a 2-5 fps difference.

  7. Can i order this PC to Germany if i want or can they only deliver it in the UK?

  8. can you buy from this website in the US?

  9. What is the total cost of this pc???

  10. If you want to see a truly unique, fully automated gaming desk bar built from scratch check it out on my channel. I guarantee you will be impressed.

  11. would love a 144hz monitor but I'm not a prince from Arabia lol

  12. Can this only be bought in the U.K. Or can it also be bought or in the U.S?

  13. I was wondering if you were running Overwatch on this $900 computer or if it was your own computer

  14. thumbs up for the skyrim theme song

  15. hey frankie, i actually want to know what pc and stuff u use. i would like to know 🙂

  16. I have a thx 980 with a 4790k and 16gb of ram. Pretty solid but get a 7700k with a 1080ti and 32gb of ram then your set for life

  17. I see you have it running Crysis, but can it run Crysis?

  18. I am watching this video over and over again since january i think,when i started working for my new pc,now i just ordered the last parts and im waiting for them be delivered.Thank you Frankie for the awsome suggestions!

  19. For anyone wondering it's $1,600 in Australia

  20. when ur American and this fucker is in the UK hahahaha I'm gonna kms

  21. At 1:34 it Sound Like Morrowind theme song

  22. Thats a 2016 build …

    intel kabylake i5 7600k
    radeon rx480 8g (same as a gtx 1060 but 100$ cheaper )
    16g of rams became quite necessary with games asking more than 8g of vram in 2017
    z170 or z270 motherboard is a must if you want to have new intel optane m.2 speeds
    and overclocking capabilities wich is a big leap forward for 2017

  23. Anyone know how this would run on most games? GTA ? Dayz? for example