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9 Things to Know About Xbox Game Pass – Gaming News

Here are 9 things to know about the newly announced Xbox Game Pass.
P.S. – Sorry about the audio, had to shoot in a different location.

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Hosted and written by: Phil Jasicki


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  1. Do xbox live gold members pay for xbox game pass or they get it for free?

  2. Wait so I can save $6,000 by paying a monthly fee!?

  3. Xbox is going the ps now system, not that its a bad game subscription, its just that these asshats are making it look like it's getting more shit than at e3 2013

  4. xbox hard drive is full always but. everything updates every 2 weeks

  5. Keyword tho u just renting the games on game pass not hating xbox one but i dont think its worth it even me myself is a xbox user but overall gamepass is opition tho to buy it or not

  6. These guys don't even know what it is but are making a video on it trying to make it sound bad wtf?And it's a shame I can't get the service with xbl gold that would've been epic but i'm already getting free games so hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of games just for gold doesn't make sense but hell I can dream 🙁

  7. I hope live gold members get game pass for free

  8. if they ca supply a lot of good games, then i would be down to sub for it. tho I'm not liking the idea that a game that i am truly enjoying, could be removed and i no longer am able to play it.

  9. I'm just curious if they will include new games?

  10. is the free games with gold still gonna be a thing or is this replacing that?

  11. do you get to download the games in the selection for free or is it just discounts please help

  12. this plus gold adds up to $120 a year for people who get this.

  13. just stop why u acting like its so bad atleast its better than shit now
    i'm not a fanboy because i hate those crybaby pony fanboys just saying i have both consoles

  14. If u want to keep the game how more money do u pay

  15. I think 10 bucks a month is a bit too steep.

  16. If you don't support all things gaming then your not a real gamer. I support everything that plays video games.

  17. ownership is compromised!!!!! omg such a big deal!

    EA has being doing this for years

  18. doest play station have the same thing Jesus why do they think Xbox is so bqd

  19. Yeah. Seems worth it to me, especially if I planned buy any of those games. 20% off a $50 game covers your monthly. And it lets you test games. It will be all about what is offered for sure.

  20. I am going to take a stab at it, anything better than dealing with GameStop, gonna check into it on the web. thanks.

  21. sounds like ea access microsoft getting lazy

  22. I wasn't very interested till he said win 10..

  23. PC gamer here, you do know all those Xbox BC games and Xbox game pass are on PC with better graphics and frame rates. At least PS4 has new games early 2017 like Gravity Rush 2, Yakuza 0, Persona 5, Kingdom Hearts 2.8, Digimon The Next Order, Nier Automata, Tales of Berseria, Nioh, Horizon Zero Dawn, Crash Bandicoot N’ Sane Trilogy. Why do you think PS4 has sold 57 million and Xbox one has sold 28 million, I will tell you why? It is because PC gamers can play Xbox one games on PC.
    When PS1 was announced everybody said it was DOA because N64 was powerful and had first party games like Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Pokemon, Smash, Kart and Exclusives like Turock, Goldeneye and Resident Evil 4. PlayStation Consoles always outsell Nintendo because PlayStation takes risks for hardcore gamers and not for only fanboys who only people Nintendo first party games and spin offs from their popular franchises.
    Hasn't PlayStation consoles like PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4 outsold all the strongest consoles Like Sega Dreamcast, NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, Wii U, Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Sony has nothing to worry about because they were never like Sega who were trying to copy and compete with Nintendo characters and games alike.
    The PS3 which was hated, despised, underpowered, had bad ports, bad frame rates, bad resolutions from third part games but it still ended up outselling Xbox 360 in 2013. History has already repeated itself. PlayStation always sells worldwide. Xbox sells only to Americans and Nintendo sells to only fan boys who buy Nintendo first party games. PS Vita has outsold the Wii U and now PS4 (57m) launched in 2013 will soon outsell the 3DS (65m) that launched in 2011. Horizon Zero Dawn, Detroit Become Human, Gran Turismo Sport, Mass Effect Andromeda, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Uncharted 4 Lost Odyssey, God Of War 4, The Last Of Us 2, Destiny 2, Red Dead Redemption 2, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Call Of Duty World at War 2 (?) are going to sell PS4s.
    History always repeats itself, Haters wanted the PS3 to die but didn't like the Sega Dreamcast and it kept selling and selling against all odds something NES,SNES, N64, GameCube, Wii U could never do throughout their life cycle in gaming industry. Wii was Successful because of causal gamers who bought the bundled in the Wii Sports game.
    Xbox Scorpio is going to cost between $500 or $600 unless they are willing to sell it for $400 at a loss but guess what Sony will do? Reduce the Price of the PS4 Pro to $350 or $300 while the PS4 slim might be $200 or $250. Also not all Scorpio games can do Native 4K. Some games have to be up scaled it like PS4 pro. Xbox sells because of Halo, Gears, Forza and Killer Instinct. Uncharted 4 destroyed the sales of all those Xbox One exclusives. The new Exclusives Phil is talking about are all CGI Trailers like they did in 2014 with Halo 5, Gears 4, Fable legends, Phantom Dust, Crackdown 3, Quantum Break, Scalebound, Tacoma, Inside, Stormlands Below, Cuphead and many more. Only Halo 6 releasing this year in True Native 4K, 60fps and with no PC version (play anywhere) can help them. They should be more worried about the Nintendo Switch.

  24. why the motherfucker look upset? like same old attitude, fuck I hate my life and job but I got it do it cuz I need to eat and pay my rent

  25. Does this also apply to pc or just Xbox one?

  26. This service reminds me of what Sega's service in the mid 90's called the Sega Channel.?

  27. I was reading about this new feature of xbox live and I think is not worth it just because well my personal opinion I want to owned all games in the catalog if my subscription is active like EA Access which you will have all games available unlike Game Pass which they remove games every month and this is why is not worth it I dont have the time to play a game a month and if they remove it a certain month then It'll be not worth it. I dont care if they add every month new games that I might not be able to play or I dont like games.

  28. Half the games on EA Access are awesome, that background guy can eat my entire ass.

  29. only renting the game … that's complete garbage !!! I knew there was a reason why I transitioned over to Sony lately ..Xbox exclusives are pretty dim compared to ps4 …. e.g street fighter 5 … God of war 4 …. uncharted … last of us … the list goes on …..Xbox is lagging this gen … what hurts most is starting again .. my Xbox game score is at 84000+ … figures !

  30. hm. there aren't many ps fanboys who hate that in the comments… probably because it really is a good deal. i wonder what a one year subscription will cost

  31. it amazes how whenever MSFT announces really cool features and etc that the media literally goes out their way to shit on it. Had this been announced by PS, these guys would be praising it like the second coming of Jesus (I've owned every PS system btw).

    It's corny and the problem with the gaming industry. You guys are holding on to shit from nearly 3 years ago. You guys weren't this critical or hesitant over PS Now and that service is trash (I have a Sony Bravia TV with the service and just picked up another PS3 because it's definitely isn't worth it).

    Why in the fuck would they automatically include NEW AAA games. I had gamelfy for nearly 2 years and that shit was $15/mo for one game. The expectations and criticisms that the media have are beyond overboard.

    This is a great OPTIONAL service. They talked about how trash EA Access is (presumably only because it's not on PS4) which is hilarious. for $20 bucks I downloaded and beat Dragon Age, Battlefield 4 and plants vs Zombies, and received Battlefield 1, Madden, and Star Wars at a discount.

  32. love how youtubers expect 100 games all from the just came out $60 games for $9
    NOT GONE HAPEN xbox game pass its good regardless what games they are hec for $9 most rental placeses give you 1 game for 3 days

  33. that's actually pretty cool, I'd be super interested in that

  34. This isn't only for the s right?

  35. I think if you already have a Gold subscription you should get the game pass free.