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9 Kid friendly games adults will also enjoy

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Schools out, Summer is here and with the kids at home, parents might be looking for something the whole family can enjoy. Here are 9 videogame titles for gamers of all ages.


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  1. The most popular kid's game is Call of Duty…

  2. a actully there are eigth movies of syar wars

  3. i knew rocket league would be in there!!

  4. You know how America's average knowledge is pretty low?

    Well the title editor should go back to school. In England it's perfect

  5. there is honestly like 4 lego games here like honestly are kid games really that lame that you couldn't find any thing original

  6. When I first read rocket league( I'm an Xbox 360 game ) I skipped to 5

  7. almost all of them were lego games

  8. i agree i first told my cousin hes kinda dumb for playin rocket league nut then i fell in love with it

  9. Wow that's just so kind of you thank you so much

  10. I liked the list until minecraft ?

  11. My sis plays Minecraft and she won't get of it if we want to go out we can not it will not happen?

  12. i want the woman to die legos serously to old

  13. Why are kids games so boring most Games under r13 or r16 r boring apart from Sforza horizon 3

  14. 5:59 THIEF you stole master chiefs helmet

  15. You forgot about Disney infinity 1,2 and 3. Also if Marvel vs Capcom 3 would've have more cloths on the lady fights it would have had a lower age rating.

  16. why that girlk has to be so fake i hate it

  17. I am so glad you said lego dimensions!!

  18. Oh how about Fifa 17 I have thT on my Xbox OH AND MINECRAFT. Oh YHEA sorry

  19. What should I buy an Xbox one s or ps4

  20. oh my god she says jedis. The plural is jedi. I find you lack of faith to the force….disturbing.