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8 Upcoming WAR Games You NEED to play in 2017 | New Games on PS4 Xbox One PC

Here is ALL the upcoming & anticipated WAR games we know for 2017 on PS4 Xbox One PC! To me, they all look AMAZING! Which of these new games looks the most promising to you? Post in the comments!

0:00 Enlisted

0:32 Days of War

2:51 Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

4:55 Battalion 1944

7:04 Rising Storm 2 Vietnam

8:23 Escape from Tarkov

10:36 Sniper Elite 4

11:57 Halo Wars 2

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  1. John what did they do to you

    woods to mason in black ops- mason, what did they do to you

  2. that scene was an exact copy of saving private ryan

  3. if Rising storm get better Graphics im going to buy and ride in a heli and play thunderstrike

  4. Im looking forward to Rising Storm 2,Enlisted and Battalion 1944

  5. The battle of the 2017 WW2 shooters Battalion 1944 vs Days of War vs Day of Infamy vs Enlisted.

  6. 90% of that games look like shit and i bet they are shit

  7. The trailer for Days of War is literally a scene from Saving Private Ryan

  8. I'm not sure how many of you played it back in the day. But I really want a classic Wolfenstein Enemy Territory war game again. The ranking system the artillery strikes. Stealing uniforms was just phenomenal they need to bring that back

  9. Some of this games remind me of Phantom Forces and me killing everyone in gun games

  10. again with the 2005 graphics enlisted……?

  11. @2:00 It's literally just like the the beginning scene of 'Saving Private Ryan'.

  12. Escape from Tarkov is amazing. Gunplay is very good. Reminds me of Arma. Was lucky to play it.

  13. Saving Private Ryan is a game now? Jeez, the same thing, frame for frame… Wow lol

  14. They need to remaster Medal of Honor Frontline and Rising Sun.

  15. Days of war powerful weapons? Lmao wtf no

  16. Sniper Elite 4 or Ghost Warrior 3. I'm not sure if i'd get either but if i did what one should i get

  17. enlisted looks great cant wait for it on the ps4 i just wish you could get everbody online to play more realistly insted of running around like a dummy.

  18. Seems like after battlefield one everyone's doing ww2 games

  19. i'm in the rising storm 2 vietnam closed beta and it is very fun

  20. THEY used the begining of saving private ryan xd

  21. That cinematic scene for Days of War was taken, shot for shot, from the movie Saving Private Ryan.

  22. Can we have a fucking ww2 game where you use the fucking germans please? PLEASE

  23. BF1 looks better than any of these 2005 era graphics

  24. sooo the gamemode blitz is a rip off of sudden strike

  25. 13:19 that guy kinda looks like jacksepticeye

  26. To all you whiny basement dweller who complains so much about shitty graphics or the games look shitty in general. Would be happy if you could spend your time and develop a game and have it look better than these.

  27. I wonder if enlisted have Russian bias

  28. Looks like we're starting to lay the propaganda groundwork for a war in Iran. Why play games when you can experience the real thing? Join the Army now! Don't miss out on the latest wars!

  29. most of those rnt war games lmao

  30. Battalion 1944 looks awesome besides the female soldiers. If they're pushing for realism, there weren't females fighting overseas.

  31. The first scene ain't even a game

  32. Just call these Battlefield 1 clones

  33. days of war looks Shit to me lol guy but its ww2 so im interested

  34. Days of war looks like something straight outta 2003

  35. these are literally updates of old games such as MOH PS1 and all other fucking ww2 games made 2000 and on