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8 New Upcoming Games 2017 – Games That Change Your Mind in 2017 (PS4 Xbox One PC)

2017 New Upcoming Games That Change Your Mind in 2017 including 8 New Upcoming PS4 Games, Xbox One Games & PC Games of 2017! NEW GAMEPLAY ! NEW TRAILERS ! ONLY 1080p ! + Skip Button ! What do you think? // ALL INFORMATION BELOW! [expand description] Click to subscribe: http://bit.ly/14gAtV1
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Jack Elphick – Stick Shift
during Knack 2: Gavin Luke – Lets Bounce
during Gran Turismo Sport: AGST – Now

#8 Metal Gear Survive
#6 Knack 2
#5 Scalebound (cancelled)
#4 Gran Turismo Sport
#3 Horizon Zero Dawn
#2 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands
#1 Half Life 3 which isn’t really in this video, sorry about that.


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This Video contains the best, greatest, most anticipated and most wanted upcoming games 2017 on PC / XBOX ONE / PS4 Playstation 4 / Xbox 360 and PS3 Playstation 3.


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  1. if your complaining so much about this why are you making a video out of this then

  2. Luckily the cars in gran turismo never colide. If they ever did it would through the realism/immersion straight out the window.

  3. If you don't put the formats the games are due out on, their is no point watching.

  4. scalebound… damyum mehn it should be cancelled. it makes me wana remember the hard times we had on the ps3 and xbox one console ??

  5. the best open world tactical game of all time is ARMA 3

  6. and there I was thinking that scale born was cancelled.

  7. #2 is not the longest video game title if I am correct it is a japanese dating sim whose name is litrally a paragraph

  8. I thought scalebound was cancelled?!?!

  9. You published this list on March 3rd.

    Scalebound has been confirmed cancelled since January 9th, with the publisher apologizing for it on January 11th.

  10. What game is that in the thumbnail?

  11. Scalebound is cancelled ha ha

  12. Scalebound looks a pile of childish crap

  13. why's scalebound on the list it was canceled back in December or November.

  14. welcome back sir
    i love your all videos
    i watch your all videos

  15. Didn't even realize Gran Turismo was still being made somewhere….

  16. Aren't these the exact set of games from the previous video? or was it a different channel?

  17. Ein großes Lob an die Grafik und wieder mal ein tolles Video

  18. Dude are you sure about Half life 3 ? Date realise

  19. you are the best man, stay in these way

  20. Early? I’d better make a joke..

    Dayz made by Dean Hall

  21. What did Konami do :(( And GT Sport is definitely not going to as good as Forza!

  22. yea #1 was funny! Great style of editing though.

  23. Great Job dude! Laughed so hard at #1!