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7 Best Xbox Games You Haven’t Played In 2017

Are you tired of big blockbusters? Try these more unusual gems on Xbox One.
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  1. you guys have to try Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

  2. Some stuff to try as I very impatiently wait for Mass Effect

  3. The best platform for the indie games is iOS.

  4. started Subterrain but stopped it for now as the game seems to have some bad glitches. So I will watch the updates on TA whether people have finished it successfully before continuing. And this is bad because once I stopped I game, I usually do not get back into the story very well.
    The Assembly looks good, but will have to wait because my pile of Shame is a mountain I can never climb.
    And waiting for your vids on 2Dark and a "World Hardest Achievement" featuring "Crypt of the Necrodancer"

  5. thanks for mentioning the assembly. it looks interesting

  6. But I played all these games 🙁

  7. Interesting I didn't know The Assembly was on Xbox One think I played a VR (Oculus on PC) demo of it at Rezzed last year might pick it up now.

  8. a reason I don't want to play any of these.

  9. The problem that I have with xbox one games is the very small amount of good graphic games with 3rd person view. Makes me wanna cry when I see so many great this kind of games on ps4.

  10. just gonna unsub cause 90% of this is just advertising

  11. Playing Subterrain at the moment and loving it. Sun and Moon was disappointing, couldn't get into it. Metrico+ is weird and I havent finished it yet.

  12. Xbox One is my favourite game console but I don't like shi**y indie games:/ Sorry!

  13. I just can't get into these type of games, I need games like gears, Halo, the last of us, uncharted, etc.

  14. Hi Xbox on I love this video your entertainment is really good

  15. Hope you all enjoy the video! Let us know which one's you'll be giving a go =)