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7 Awesome Xbox 360 Games You MUST Play On Xbox One

GTA IV, Street Fighter IV and Assassin’s Creed Rogue can all be played on Xbox One thanks to Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility. Is there an amazing Xbox 360 back compat game we’ve missed? Add it in the comments below.

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  1. i wish grand theft auto san Andreas and far cry 2 was backwards compatible

  2. Recently picked up GTA IV (about £4) and Hitman Absolution (£2)…bargain for good games.

  3. they were saying that street fighter was the best but mortal combat on xbox 360 was way better and the graphics were better like if you agree

  4. Is castlevania backwards compatible?

  5. Will King of Fighters XIII be backwards compatible on XB1?

  6. GTA 4 memories completed the story 6 or 8 weeks ago

  7. Let us know your favourite Xbox 360 games to play on Xbox One…

  8. how and when can i get those games??

  9. I honestly can't emphasise how much I wanted GTA 4 backwards compatible I just completed on Monday for literally the 15th time. I paced my self so much & savoured every moment so So happy it became backwards ??

  10. Oh wow I didn't know that GTA 4. Was back wards compatible

  11. gaming GTA 4 right now! forgot how much I love this gamee

  12. My favourite is bully scholarship edition reply if anyone like it!

  13. first, love your vids, hope u reply