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  1. Hey guys! It's me Tanner, the guy who built this and Brayden's previous rig! I sure hope you all enjoyed the video! It was a lot of fun to make. To clear up the confusion, it was $6000 CAD, not USD. And we factored in the cost of the OS, shipping, gst, and pst. Thanks for watching everyone!

  2. Bridge EVGA y GPU ASUS WTF is This??????

  3. Ummmmm I saw no thermal paste go on that baby….. I hope it works!

  4. what are the names of all these background music?

  5. 6K?!? 6800K… And a closed loop? Am I missing something? o.o.. Or did you spend like 2,500 or so on peripherals?

  6. Did the build give you enough frames for your mine craft world ?!

  7. When you're rich and know you'll be a virgin for life.

  8. you have 2 1080's
    you play minecraft
    you dont play any AAA titles
    rethink your life….

  9. Beginner job. The video footage sucks. You need to work harder. You did not show anything.

  10. it's not even close to 6k dollars mr clickb8

  11. Forgot to put the thermal paste ….

  12. Putos niños pijos, si lo tuviesen que pagar con el sudor de su trabajo no le metían mas de 300 $.

  13. wtf why do u need a $5000 computer for fucking minecraft.

  14. Ur missing another 3000 dollars

  15. What PC case is he using anyone know?

  16. 6000 dollar budget but couldn't get a 59.99 1 TB hard drive

  17. That minecraft intro killed me lmao

  18. Why didn't you go for the H100i v2?

  19. thats a $2500 pc… not 6000 lol

  20. expensive ass rig and you cant even afford some cheap cable combs for the extensions, COME ON BRUH!!!

  21. I would of went with at least the 6850k for the extra PCI-E Lanes since you plan to go SLI and use an PCI-e ssd but good looking build

  22. building a pc doe3snt teach you shit about computer lmfao,

  23. 6k for that?! i have the same specs minus the extra GPU and for it for 3k