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$550 Gaming Laptop for University Students

Benchmarking a perfect back to school laptop that can game at 1080p on Overwatch, Counter Strike & Dota 2. Acer Aspire E15 Laptop: http://amzn.to/2a5BtmX …


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  1. should I buy a Razer blade pro or a Acer predator 17x?

  2. +Joker Production thaht laptop have a back light keyboard? , if yes i will choose that laptop

  3. The specs are amazing for the price, but the screen color is really off – it has a more of a blue tint to it

  4. what would the fps be on minecraft?

  5. Fucking sucks that a laptop with these specs (except its a 7th gen i5 and its from HP) and WITHOUT an SSD, costs the equivalent of $850 here in India, after a discount.

  6. would cs:go work well with this laptop?

  7. So, basically console performance?

  8. How does it run H1K1 King of the Kill

  9. I bought this right before watching

  10. If i bought the Lenovo Yoga 710 which also comes with a 940mx card, could i expect performance like this?

  11. Wait, a 500$ laptop that can run Overwatch with good settings that gets 60 fps? My birthday and christmas are close together.

  12. i have the laptop in white collor and for 616€

  13. My Mom got this computer for music, her experience with it has been flawless.

    I'm surprised that a laptop with a Optical Drive could have such a large amount of battery life.

  14. i want to play csgo, rainbow six siege, overwatch, and maybe bo3 (if it can), is this a good laptop for this? Pls help

  15. Tbh this laptop being around $550 is better than my (at purchase) $900 pc. It is an all-in-one not even meant for gaming that runs minecraft and overwatch on the same fps (18-34)

  16. Uk link ? Can't find it any where

  17. I'm specifically interested in running GTA V. Do you think you this laptop could handle hours and hours of GTA V gameplay? I'm thinking of adding an extra 8GB of memory, a 1TB HDD and getting a proper cooling pad.

    I'm asking because right now I have an E5-573G-75B3, I installed GTA V yesterday and it killed the 940M, lol. I knew it was gonna run it in low settings, but I didn't know it was going to kill it.

    Pd: by killing it I mean that some dots started to appear on the screen and some lines as well. And it only happens with games that need the graphics card. I used to play Fallout 4 and it was fine, but now it also gets the issue.

    Pd2: If I could, I would get a desktop that I know it's much better. But bcuz of college, I'm in need of a portable computer.

    Thank you for the reply 🙂

  18. Why Didnt You tried Playing Gta V ?

  19. will it run battle field 1 and gta 5 at like medium

  20. thanks I've been looking for a good pc for overwatch and tf2

  21. can this laptop handle call of duty.

  22. I just ordered this laptop of amazon. I'm hyped

  23. My budget is $450 what you suggest me. I need a laptop for Android application development

  24. Hey, I am only getting this laptop for school,gaming, and editing will the core I7 be good on this laptop or just stick to core I5

  25. Does anyone know if you can set it so that the led backlight on the keyboard stays on??

  26. I hope my financial aids gives me enough to buy this and have some extras

  27. Got an MSI with i5 GTX 850M and 8GB for 350€. ?