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5 Ways Scorpio Improves Your Xbox One and 360 Games!

From improved texturing filtering to faster loading times, Scorpio is set to flatter your existing Xbox One and 360 library in ways we didn’t expect. Rich explains in detail the five ways older games get a visual uplift on Microsoft’s new machine.

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  1. 3:57 was that… was that a prequel meme?

  2. In terms of the console war.. this was the Hiroshima, many ponies are now nothing but shadows in history.

  3. What i´m starting to like about this console is that is definitive NOT a casual, or child, or a family, or a woman console, this is for the hardcore adult men console, and i hope it has exclusives games that the xbox one can´t run and i hope is very expensive both the games and the console, that´s the way to draw a line

  4. This trend will kill consoles. They are releasing much more powerful machines every 2-3 years now (still underpowered compared to mid end PCs), MS and Sony are basically copying the PC model, but on PC WE choose when and what to upgrade. When you have to spend the same as a high end pc every couple of years, there's no reason for me to buy another console.

  5. We have to rely on developers to make a patch for a smoother game?

  6. Oh yeah?!But what 'bout the Kinect !?!

  7. Rich is so proud of his chip. I bet he will be taking it on his dates for the next few months. Putting it on the table in the restaurant and telling his date all about it!

  8. Think it all just depends on pricing now. Hit somewhere between 4-500$, and I think it'll sell fine. The pro 'could be' selling like hotcakes, but sony made some bad decisions with. For starters, for what is essentially a 'designed for 4k' machine, no UHD blu-ray drive? Don't tell me streaming either, as a 4k video stream is very comparable to a regular blu-ray.

  9. If they can get some good exclusives like Sony I will pick one up.. if they think ppl will spend money on this just for 4k halo they will continue to be dominated by Sony and there hall of fame gaming catalog… Just think about it all u need is a ps4 and a pc .. all Xbox games will be on pc except halo so if u have a good rig no need for a scorpio..

  10. It improves your games by not rending in true 4k!

  11. Bad ass man… ALL old games with the exception of the ones without dynamic resolution will benefit from the new POWAH…. Shit man…looks like I'm buying my 4k Blu-ray player that kills the games as well. All the while I sat thinking I'd have to buy a standalone shit box….

  12. so scorpio will be fully compatible with ALL existing xbox one games, right?

  13. The only thing I don't like from some Sony fans this time around:
    Sony fans early on: "yea baby 1080p…have fun with ur 720 & 900p machine. Better graphics and just flat out more powerful

    PS4 fans Now: "man who cares about all that power if you have no games? It's all about the games now!"

    ?? cmon guys

  14. this video was almost at 4 million views 3 hrs ago. what's going on? gasp

  15. LOL!!! ponys raging as fuck on the comment section, where's your 1080p vs 720p now fuckers!!?

  16. So, people are finally getting what should have been included in the original console. And in 2-3 years they will come up with an Xbox Two. Great.

  17. Wow! I'm just imaging the mods for Fallout 4 running on the Scorpio now

  18. Lmao….oh look it's Leadbetter. DF resident Microsoft Marketing Rep. Hey Richard, still pushing hard to make the most out of this Microsoft shares aren't you?

  19. Not one thing that has been announced for the Scorpio in terms of power for what it does to games impresses me at all the only thing that would impress me is then actually making new IP's and having an actual library of good first party titles.

  20. I love when console users wonder why pc guys are always on these xbox/ps4 videos, well pc enthusiast just love this kind of hardware and technology, even if its for a console. its always cool to see how technology is advancing, and Scorpio is an amazing achievement. Congratulations Xbox, you deserve it, if only bungie was still around to make the ultimate halo game for this hardware