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5 Tips for New PC Gamers

Here are my 5 tips for new PC gamers. What do you think about my tips? Do you agree with my tips or disagree? Let me know in the comments section down …


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  1. I'm not using a white xbox I'm using a black xbox

  2. I managed to stay under 2000 CAD or about 1200 USD for this build
    Tell me if I should change anything, Thanks!

  3. but there are wirless adapters for ps4 and ps3 controllers…

  4. Then how he record his screen…..
    Or he uses a camera to record it……He said that gamer should have a console.

  5. 1. u ned lik 8000$$$$ for decent pc lik wtf stik to console lmoa pc is overpicre sh1tty ????????????????

  6. Yeah, don't spend $60 on a game, spend $100! Go big or go home!

  7. thanks for the help
    defenatly gonna taske this into consideration

  8. I found a $450 computer that you can't build for less than $550 including windows so I'm thinking of buying it and switching out the gpu and psu for something better later on the computer can run bf1 slightly above 30 fps witch I know isn't good but I can turn the resolution down to 720p since my monitor is only 720p. The proccesor is a quad core i5-7400 I don't plan on doing the upgrades til january of 2017 but until then I'll have to make due.

  9. I thought this video was "5 things for new pc gamers" not "5 reasons why pc is better" change your title numb nutts

  10. my 2nd cousin is buying a 7k GPU for science shit. Yes, that is $7,000 dollars.

  11. I recommend using a keyboard and mouse, controllers just aren't accurate enough and are too slow for me.

  12. go to thrift stores get one for 10

  13. "I love RPGs" your playing Farcry so dude, chill out, grab some pepsi and play Morrowind.

  14. Some office chairs are quite comfortable too for like 50-100$ lol I used to use one.

  15. I switch between keyboard and controller in the middle of gaming

  16. The main reasons for me is better performance more games and custom zombies on black ops 3.

  17. FYI controller users! get a mini series xbox one controller it goes in the slot (NO BUYING USB REQUIRED) go to PC system settings unknown device then activate. BOOM!!! free controller playing

  18. dont get me wrong, dont get me wrong, dont get me wrong, i mean dont get me wrong.

    i think… i got you wrong.

  19. Definitely made me rethink about what I'm going to buy for my gaming pc.

  20. I game on the couch. Pc game on the couch. Yeah I hacked life.

  21. this guy sound like Jake baldino lmao

  22. what game did u play in this video

  23. lol I get just caus 2 and more games free you need to search befor buy a game . (bad-english-sorry)

  24. Can someone make a build for me? I want 4K resolution and 60+ fps? I'm moving from console to pc

  25. I got over 200 games on steam… do I have a problem?

  26. Or Bluetooth Xbox one controller with a 60 inch TV and play from your bed .-.

  27. my reason for pc gaming,
    bruh I just wanna play games man, if i spend 150 dollars on a pc, optiplex 780 6gb ddr3 q8200 for 70 dollars, and a gpu, gt 730, 740, or gtx 750ti/1050, I'm playing games for less than average console price. then game sales on pc. and some better graphics, fps and resolutions, then later I can buy my console for exulsives.