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Shadow of Microtransactions: Blade of Feminism Review

A review of the Middle-Earth: Shadow of War DLC, The Blade of Galadriel.

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Jesus this entire video and comment section really makes me feel like less of a man, how the fuck can i compete against such pure examples of male prowess and overall dominance like damn man not only so you all have great girlfriends that care about you and enjoy your conversations but you also steal the women from soy boys like me. I request you please stop slaying pussy as much as you can you started when you where a teen trying to let out your daddy issues but its just not right anymore. Sincerely bernie sanders


I'm sorry, what? They made two of them into Asian women? This is one of the worst things I've ever heard.


5:42 Honestly I wouldn't mind the Asian bit (or any other race/culture), but fucking hell…. could the devs even attempt to be original about it? Instead of something that makes sense as a fresh interesting faction within Tolkien's universe, it's like they just threw in some ancient Chinese homage for the sake of 'diversity'. SMH.

James Esplin

I saw this coming a mile away. I’m so glad I stopped playing this game

Tiara Starbrighter
Wow, can't have a game without "diversity" even if it breaks the lore. Then again, it seems like the further down the path the games goes, it gets further from canon. I always meant to buy the games but I have been busy with other things. Honestly, they look fun with the second one refined but bogged down by too much grinding. I didn't know there was a black character but, then again, I think there are some dark skinned warriors in Sauron's army so at least they have been established. But asian? And women Nazgul despite what we saw… Read more »
DWolf Review

I started by not buying it to start with :)) Can't say that I'm sad that I didn't.

Darth Vortex01
from what I was ale to understand is that basically the expansion is supposed to last the "decades" that the shadow wars was supposed to represent. Thus Talion is fighting up front and personal while Eltariel is fighting in the shadows during the shadow wars. Also the rouge nazgul are just another faction that had to be dealt with during the entirety of the shadow wars but couldn't be included in the base game because then we wouldn't have this expansion. Also I think they were only corrupted by the two rings they got but couldn't keep them, but since… Read more »
Wht Rabbit

Fuck been looking for your channel and all that kept coming up was rags.


Oh no a woman became a Nazgul! This completely non canon game that’s glorified fan fiction is having fun with itself! That’s you. Here’s a video about how lore breaking these two games are:


Mors Coronam

1:15 Wait, so now Rian Johnson is synonymous with plot holes?
I guess that's accurate, carry on.


I'm a simple man, I see a furry thumbnail I disregard whatever they have to say.

I must say this… "work"… seems to be both lazy and ridiculous disrespectful towards Tolkien. I don't know how I would feel as part of the developers looking at this. Asia in middle-earth – fine I guess. They want their asian customers to enjoy the game too or something. But not only adding things to the lore that don't realy fit, but actually CHANGING what Tolkien wrote is straight up disrespectful and (at least in my opinion) can't realy be sold as good creative work. If you get such a license and you want strong female characters: Create them by… Read more »
John Dongle

You kinda sound like Lyle McDouchebag


I thought that the last scene where Talion finally turns WAS decades later. Doesn't age since he's dead right? The long ass grind at the end of the base game was the "holding saurons forces for decades" part.

Adam Ant

Fuck off with saying this game had problems with MicroTransactions!

I played the game and ended with literally hundreds of boxes and GOLD to spare and never spent a DIME!
Daily Quests and online base attacks are all you need to get whatever you want. Just shut up about it already.

Todd Howard

So your problem is that the game includes women and minorities? Okay. Also, using "retard" as an insult is petty and makes you look like a fool.


Hate Eltariel, threw out Talion for this bitch. Preaches to you the whole game about evil rings then takes ur ring without even giving it a thought and lets you die…..thanks feminists

madcow BRO

Wow, they took an absolute dump on Tolkien's lore. Even more so then the base game did. I'm not even that big on the lore of the franchise, but this DLC's existence hurts.


I thought feminists hated microtransactions. Oh my bad, that's microaggressions.

jano Gabor

They should just make their own universe and quit fucking with the LoR role.

maya russell

in the loading screen it says many years have past. a lazy way to do it though

Za Zen

The intro song is "Clock Tower Parade" by Two Steps From Hell


What do you mean to toss armour In favour of better ones?

Each clan+ undead+elf+ vengeance
Have their legendary set

You wish to improve the undead?, pick undead

You wish to strength your elfish power?

Well, u know the rest

Steven Mathews

Well now I guess we can now have transgender Nazgul….


…you sound like… Lyle….


there was never a reason to look at the store. the micro transactions in this game werent needed, the game isnt hard enough for micro transactions

Zero Gray

What iam is watching I don’t even like lord of the rings

Honestly, it's not so much the "Asian Nazgul" part that's so annoying, but that (besides violating the whole "Nine Kings of Men" thing) the design of their homeland is so goddamn lazy. A big reason the Jackson trilogy was great is because the designs weren't just straight lifted from real life or other media; look at how distinct even the Easterlings and Southrons look despite their limited screentime. Like sure, the Rohirrim were very much Anglo-Saxon based (like in the books), but it's clear Weta made sure to given them their own visual identity instead of just straight cribbing from… Read more »

6:40 it says talion has been fighting the corruption for years in the loading screens in the dlc

Brandon James Jr
Am I the only one who dident have a grind fest in act 3 I was level 60 way before then I was just fucking around with the orcs I kept sending my orcs to the fight pit to level them up I dident have any form of grind at all. My thought on the game are about the same the story is a bit of a mess but gameplay is fantastic as for the microtransaction part well I've bought a tone of silver chests and even a meitheral with some gold I got from daily challenges it hard to… Read more »
Medieval N' Magic

Berenor DLC my ass, I'm still waiting for the Ratbag spinoff game!


I wrote this game off after I finished the main game. It was clearly a SJW-based game 1st, LOTR-based game 2nd. All the men were bad guys, except for the one black man. All the women were equal parts victim, hero, and always right.
I knew right then and there that this was game would never be more than hot garbage, with zero regard for the source material and SJW tropes.

H Arz

Modern day top notch combat = spam 1 button until all enemies are dead

First off there were female Kings in the LOTR and in real life (but non of the Nazguls were female and I guess the reason the two Chinese chicks got the rings was because they managed to kill 2 of the Nazguls and steal their rings… in some probably women power bs) also I don't remember any Chinese in the LOTR, I can get black people as dark skin would simply be natural evolution for any group of humans living in a area that gets plenty of sun for a very long amount of time and people similar looking to… Read more »
Killer Bean

A faggot dressed up as an animal…