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Middle Earth: Shadow of War – Everything is Permitted Trophy / Achievement Guide

Middle-earth: Shadow of War – Everything is Permitted Trophy / Achievement Guide – Shame an Assassin until he becomes deranged. [Bronze]

Equip the skill upgrade “Worse than Death” (under predator skills it’s an upgrade for the Death Threat). You unlock this skill by beating the quest “Worse than Death” in the Brûz quest line.
Now open the army menu and find an orc captain with the “Assassin” class. It shows the class under the Captain’s name. If you only see the silhouettes of captains you must interrogate worms to reveal more enemy information. When you press L1/RB worms are highlighted in green color. Simply hold Circle/B to interrogate them.

Mark the Assassin Captain in the army menu. This reveals his location on the map. Track down the captain and when he has little health left, hold Circle/B to dominate him and then choose to Shame him.

With the Worse than Death skill equipped there is a good chance he will become deranged instantly. If not, you must track down the same captain again and repeat the process until he becomes deranged. There’s also a slight chance that this actually makes him stronger, in which case you should kill him and move on to a different Assassin.

It also works without the “Worse than Death” skill but the odds are better with it.

Thanks to Warner Bros. for providing a free review copy of this game.

Middle Earth Shadow of War Trophy Guide & Roadmap:

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Trophy Guide & Roadmap

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All Middle-earth: Shadow of War Trophies & Achievements:

The Bright Lord
Middle-earth has been saved. For now…

Forge a higher-quality Gem by combining three Gems of the same quality.

Rule of Three
Unlock 3 Gem slots.

Best Defense
Equip 3 Siege Upgrades on an Assault Team.

Fit for War
Complete a challenge to upgrade a piece of gear.

Hostile Takeover
Defeat a Warchief.

Destroy a Monument.

Speak Friend and Enter
Open one of the Ithildin Doors.

Bound by Blood
Complete an Online Vendetta.

Complete a Vendetta Mission.

Master Forger
Forge a top tier Gem.

Promise Keeper
Issue a Death Threat, and then successfully kill the target.

Death is not the End
Resurrect a Follower Captain.

Disable an Outpost.

Defeat Suladân.

Brought to Heel
Defeat Helm Hammerhand.

Lord of Horror
Defeat the Balrog.

The Stuff of Legend
Equip a full Legendary Gear set.

Finished Tales
Recover all Gondorian artifacts.

The Web Revealed
Uncover the final Shelob memory and reveal the Web of Fate.

What Once Was Lost
Complete Act I.

First Steps
Conquer the Fortress of Núrnen.

Peace in Death
Complete the Shadow Wars.

Undeath Defeats Undeath
Complete all Carnán quests.

Fall and Rise
Complete all Brûz quests.

No Orc Lives Forever
Win all Fight Pit missions.

Forged by War
Unlock all player skills.

Purify all the Haedir.

Stalemate is Victory
Defeat the Witch-king and reclaim Minas Morgul.

The Operative
Turn all of a Warchief’s bodyguards (minimum 2) into spies, then confront him.

Such Great Heights
Reach the rank of Captain in Online Conquest.

No Orc Left Behind
Rescue a Follower who’s been captured.

Better Luck Next Time
Meet an Enemy or a Follower who has cheated death.

Everything is Permitted
Shame an Assassin until he becomes deranged.

It Came From Within
Start a Conquest with all Warchiefs as spies.

Power Couple
Send a Follower to support another Follower in a Nemesis Mission.

Send a Follower to kill another Follower in a pit fight.

Life of the Party
Send a Destroyer on a Vendetta Mission.

If You Can’t Beat Them
Dominate an Orc after he’s killed you three or more times.

Recruit a Follower of every Advanced Class.

I Like to Watch
Watch a Follower murder another Captain without helping him.

Second Age Warrior
Complete all Shadow of the Past missions in one region.

Rough Rider
Ride every type of beast and rare beast.

Wild Things
Kill a drake while riding a graug.

Kill a Captain while riding an Olog.

Vertical Mobility
Help a grunt become an Overlord.

Blood on Blood
Make a Captain kill his bloodbrother.

Encounter the same Orc 3 times in nemesis missions without killing him.

Feed the Beasts
Attract every kind of beast using bait.

Bad Boss
Strike a Follower until he’s had enough.

Follower Perks
Use a Training Order to give a Follower a gang.

Banish the Darkness
Complete all Eltariel quests.

For Gondor
Complete all Gondor quests.


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killerdeath 687

how'd you get that head piece?


I was doin this without the skill and I made a guy from level 17 to 12 to 8 4 then he went to 22 and I’m like wtf but good thing I researched now Ima do this correctly


Completed bruz missions but can't do worse than death shame. Only normal shame, help?

Mr.Carrot Jr.

I tried this and it backfired on me, instead of becoming deranged he gained 20 levels and was also a legendary


I did it to a terror assassin and the trophy didnt pop for me. Has it happened to anyone else?


Please do a guide on "such great heights"
I know it goes by Orc rank but all my defenders and attackers are level 44 with all upgrades in all regions (except minus morthal cause it won't allow you)

What rank do I need to be? I'm at 2440 but then dropped to 2330..wtf


Did the "shame" thing over 20 times. Orc did not become deranged. Any advice?

Ricky Pacitti

Dude you are awesome thanks for the help 👍🏼


I just got 4 identical captains at once fighting me and I killed one and 3 are left

Falling Fixtures

The real Assassin's Creed Origins.

Aaron Wade

What armor set is that ?


"Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame!".


Ok, Celebrimbor shaming Uruks is one thing, but seeing Ûkbûk here being literally shamed until absolute rock bottom by Talion … seriously, I cannot help but to feel really sorry for the poor guy now. Even if he`s an Orc serving the Dark Lord.


It says to complete Bruz quest but none are coming up?


Hahaha Assassin's Creed reference!!!
Thanks for the video!

Anthony Lopez

Can you get the bright lord or this is permanent


Assassins creed reference 🤔🤔

DarkHpokinsn Gaming

Talion is supposed to be the Bright Lord yet he looks more like the Dark Lord