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Hard Problems in Cryptocurrency

Vitalik Buterin spoke to the Silicon Valley Ethereum Meetup on Sunday March 23rd on “Hard Problems in Cryptocurrency” which describes technical challenges that all crypto platforms from Bitcoin to Ethereum face.

Ethereum – https://www.ethereum.org/
Ethereum Whitepaper – https://ethereum.org/ethereum.html
Silicon Valley Ethereum Meetup – http://www.meetup.com/EthereumSiliconValley/
Hard problems on the Ethereum wiki – https://github.com/ethereum/wiki/wiki/Problems
Slides – http://vitalik.ca/files/problems.pdf

Vitalik Buterin – Ethereum Founder
Event organised by Christian Peel
Audio recording by Sarah Blincoe (used with permission)


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Bitcoin now 4.4 billion and falling

Kon Berner

Great that constructive criticism is finally coming out on crypto rather than fishy conflict of interest based hype or worthless bashing based on misunderstandings. Well done!

bitcoin kim


Paul Vazquez

It's good to finally hear someone else talk about some of the issues I've had with current cryptocurrencies. Feel free to contact me to collaborate. I have a BS in Econ and a Juris Doctorate.

Nick Gogerty

Nice overview of many challenges and exciting opportunities for the blockchain.  Looking forward to keeping Solarcoin.org up to date with its solar electricity proof of work approach.

Steven Marez

This was hard to listen to.