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Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds – Tidalist (Mage)

Divinity 2 Builds Guide for the Tidalist (Mage). The Mage focuses on dealing large volumes of Water Damage and Chilling and Freezing enemies.

The primary Attribute of the Tidalist is Intelligence because both Wands and Spells scale off it.

TIdalists can deal substantial damage with their abilities and Wands and can control the battlefield and enemies. They can also buff and heal teammates as necessary.

Stay tuned because we have more Build Guides! Including the Cleric and the Sentinel!

Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds – Tidalist

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PlayOnWords _


I noticed that these builds were not updated for the latest patch.
I understand the gist of the builds will still be very much the same. However, I was wondering if there are some extra changes that should be noted due to the MAX AP being 6, now.



just want to say thanks for all these builds. they are great and have allowed me to really tweak and get my party ready for the game!


will this build work with undead character ?


Perhaps a silly noob question but at 7:20 (combat part) did you speed up your video? I mean it seems like the game is running with a faster speed or something.

Ralek Kelar

I think this is probably my favorite of your builds.


This is exactly the type of build I've been looking for.

Thank you so much for this guide, I suck at planning this stuff out.


hmm this + frost paladin build for a duo combo that kinda synergize with eachother?..

I use this build but I mix in Polymorph and Necromancer. Apotheosis for free SP and Skin Graft for Cooldown reset. It gives me the capability to devastate in the next turn. For Necromancer, I have skills that enable me to do Physical Damage and set the floor with blood when I want to freeze it. As for weapons, I just have poison wands or staff with high crit for healing since I'm undead. Also, considering survivability, Fortify, Armor of Frost, and Heart of Steel are very helpful and sometimes necessary instead of healing all the time. Cloak & Dagger… Read more »
Taylor Hartman

I feel like this build has to have some high places to be efficient. What if you're fighting on flat surfaces, is the build just as good? Seems kind of situational.


I really hate how in this game you have to change your equiptment every 2 leves, including rings and neckles… It would be less problematic if vendors wouldn't have randomly generated gear or if you could craft your own gear with stats. In Divinity 1 you could craft your own gear with bonuses and you visited vendors only to sell junks and buy crafting materials and jewelry with good stats.

Jake Willis

Which mage build would you consider the most fun out of stormchaser, blood mage and tidalist? Considering running one of these with a party of 4 so won't be taking lone wolf


Awesome video, can you make an undead gemomancer/necro build?


Medusa is also good for this build because it gives you an additional option for CC in the case that there is no rain around. I also pair Necromancer skills with Hydrosophist in order to get some physical damage through the use of Int.


I wanted to make nearly the same build for my 2nd run.
But I wouldn't put points in double wands to put them in Aerotheurge and get blood rain.
Less damage/more memory, but huge crowd control with the second wave of rain and shock/stun.
But maybe I will do this with an other character like your stormchaser build. Will see… 🙂


What difficulty is this on?


My water wands does not generate ice surfaces beneath the target when I hit them. I think frost runes on the wands do that.

pico 123

I've not got the game yet so could you tell me, can you have a companion with this build or your main character?

David Rosensin

I've been playing through with a friend and running a build more like your Stormchaser, but I've found that that build actually synergizes very well with Hydrosophist, since Rain > Hydro cycle > end with Ice breaker > aero cycle. Would be interested to see what you guys could do with that.


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You forgot THE most important part of rain: Casting the spell on chilled/shocked enemies will freeze/stun them.

Joe Floyd

Please do a aerothurge based build

Yujen Lin

where to get magister's cloak??


These builds are much appreciated, man. Hope you have lots more fun with the game, enough to come up with even more ideas for builds.

Jib Gib

FIRST yes!