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Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds – Terramancer (Mage)

The Terramancer is a Mage Build that utilizes the devastating AoEs of Geomancer to deal tons of Earth Damage, while also making use of Necromancer Skills that hit for Physical Damage to individual targets. Sprinkle in a few Hydrosophist Skills and you have a Terramancer.

Be sure to stay tuned next week for our final Build Guide on the Eternal Warrior. After that we may do a series of gameplay videos showcasing some of the more powerful Builds we have made, if people are interested.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds: Terramancer

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Barokai Rein

I really wanted to test how it would work if the entire party had this spec and it got fucking ridiculous. As soon as enemy started to try and nuke one guy "which they can't since this build is ridiculous" I just doubled down and had other terramancers buff them. Pretty sure the party is immortal atm since I haven't died on hardest difficulty so far and it's been 10 hours since I respecced them

Gel Balano

holy shit, at lvl18 i have 4k armor and 4k resist, after buff 15k armor LOL with hp of 4k. gotta love this build

Internet Supervillain

Stop being a dick and update the death knight! I'm just joking . but eternal warrior does sound extremely boring.

Charlie Chuckles

Can't wait for the last one!

Nathan Barnhart

This seems even more tanky (with respect to physical damage, at least) than your crystalline cleric.

Randall Thornsberry

Fextralife if you go to Fazan Games on a Egress that game has a Souls-like system & is like a MOBA game.

Paranoia Garrus

Just bought the Game today and your Videos made me decide for it, currently I am just binge watching all your guides while waiting for my brother in order to continue playing (we are still at the start somehow but more getting into it, I definitely enjoy it so far). You build up your videos very well and execute them in a really high quality, much respect. Does anyone know if Fextralife did like a walkthrough or stream of the Game ? I'd be really interested to see that.


Damn it! You made me want to play it again 😀


Keep the new builds coming. We are all watching, here in California!

Sam Parfitt

Do a decent spear build!