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Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds – Elementalist (Mage)

Divinity 2 Builds Guide for the Elementalist – Mage. Players utilizing this sort of Build will focus on the several or all of the four elements found in Divinity Original Sin 2: Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

Elementalists focus on Intelligence as their main Attribute as it increases the damage of every element. Spending points in Polymorph will grant extra Attributes that can then be spent to increase Intelligence.

It is recommended that players using this Build use a Wand and Shield, thereby gaining the extra Armour from the Shield without sacrificing damage (Elementalists should never need to attack with a Wand because of the number of Skills they possess).

Stay tuned because we have more Build Guides! Including the Juggernaut and the Duelist!

Divinity Original Sin 2 Builds – Elementalist

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Any reason why you wouldn't dual wield a fire and poison wand? A ranged character should not need a shield. And teleport be used if someone gets close.

Not Sid

Is it ever good to use a staff? My friends and I are in act 2 currently and staff of the magus still does decent enough work? I kind of just want to fill the sterotype wizard and this build helps a lot. I also have a few necromancer mods.

Pontus von Geijer

Dude, money is not an issue in DOS. Learn how to pickpocket, learn how to sell bags of valuables to vendors and then pickpocket them off them. Money will be abundant.

Scott E

What would be suggested skill lines to begin the game with, for this build?


can anyone please tell me all the teleportation skill that can be used outside combat like cloak and dagger is under scoundrel?
Dive in phoenix is under warfare.

I'm planning to reset my part skills since its pretty messed up and I'm in driftwood reaper's coast.
each character has teleportation skill with one having glove. And each has two teleportation skills from each category like one is having polymorph spread wings and dive in phoenix.

Kenneth Ngan

First playthrough on tactician. 2 mage and 2 physical damage. My main character is an aero/hydro guy who deals massive damage with just superconductor-rain combo. My 2nd mage is an elementalist who specialises in buffs and debuffs but ignores fire damaging spells since fire doesn't go well with water in anyway.

Oscar Chabrand

unless you also give your elementalist lots of thievery, then you can STEAL all the skill books you can possibly want!

Erin Wegner

I appreciate these guides, but I also like discovering what works for me as I explore the game. But I just barely started, so these guides help. And I actually love the trial and error of the game, the difficulty; it's a nice, more tactical change of pace to hack-n-slash style games.


This guide was pretty helpful, thank you.

Алексей Ч

You need to build Int, wits, memory. Coz of CRIT chance. With 5 points in Polymorph you will obtain Aphoteosis and it's LVL 16 gamechanger. With Clear mind and Inner demon bufs it will insta gib all

Jonny Mario

I was thinking about rocking this one like a lone wolf solo… thoughts?

scott court

While wand + shield definitely helps with survivability, a staff will benefit from the two-handed skill, increasing crit multiplier. Pair that with Savage Sortilege and watch your damage go through the roof. It might be tough because it spreads your skills more out in an already spread out build, but you'll likely get more mileage out of crit than you will from high ground + Huntsman.

Food for thought.

Grae Hall
I'm just about finished a first couch coop playthrough with my mate, I chose Sebille and went huntsman, and Loshe as my companion. Having seen what Loshe can do, and what my mate's 2 characters can do, I am disappointed in the Huntsman family of skills. It's just, it's just not great. Compared to everything else on offer that we've tried, Huntsman skills are the least impressive (other than Tactical Retreat of course, worth a few points in Huntsman just for that – free haste! 1AP!). But our next play through on a higher difficulty, we're both going lone wolf… Read more »
Antonious sykas

the polymorph suggestion is golden. That alone really drags elementalists out of the mud.

So many wrong information here. 1. Executioner triggers an unlimited amount of time per encounter and makes it one of the best talents. 2. Spreading your combat abilities to all 4 elements (3 per element) may give you a legitimate build, in the sense that you get a lot of variety. However, spending the next 10 points in polymorph, to get 10 more ability points for intelligence IS NOT the way you maximize your elemental damage. In complete contradiction to what is said on the video, points in elemental abilities (pyro, aero, ect.) give you more damage boost than points… Read more »
Wouldn't recommend this for honour mode or a multiplayer game with experienced players as you'll lag behind. The idea to take Polymorph to put more points into intelligence instead of single elements sounds good on paper but is of very limited use in reality. The first problem is that intelligence (like all other stats) caps at 40. Every remotely decent mage will reach this score anyway, even without any points in Polymorph. The additional points from Polymorph either help to reach the stat cap a bit earlier or allow you to spend a few more points on other stats like… Read more »

I basically have one mainly magic and summons person. My lizard focus on warfare some geo and some fire. My ranger is mostly aero and my rogue has Polymorph and scoundrel. This way everyone has a lil magic with each single person being the master in one school. Except for my main magic person who is spread out w a focus on summons. That way at least they have a creature out there doing damage when your in cool down. It’s working for me so far.


i came up with a similar build because i absolutely love Wizard in tabletop RPGs like Pathfinder and D&D. The build I used and the one you describe actually makes you extremely versatile. the one i used was lonewolf, and use summon with it too. my build only works for lonewolf tho.

King Kasma

Which class should i take to build This?

Crecer como testigo de Jehová

just what i was looking nfor


Executioner triggers more than once per encounter. It triggers once per turn. Making it more useful than most talents. Good build but I feel like you're giving misinformation on one of the best traits in the game


I read somewhere, it's important to base your build off of doing either magic damage or physical damage. Is this true?


You say to put point in huntsman and polymorph instead of pyro, which gives a 5% multiplicative DMG to all schools. Also, you will always need to cap into INT so more point from poly are useless. This is basic from just reading passive bonuses, I wont enter into details of more complicated mistakes. 0/10

Alex De'spark

Since you advise on utilizing shields (and I agree with that) instead of necromancy you can grab 1 point in warfare for Bouncing shield.

Николай Новиков

why are you recording it on alpha version?

Krellak Taikan

when you say Mage are you referring to the "Wizard' class?