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Divinity Original Sin 2: 15 Tips and Tricks I Wish I Knew Before I Started Playing

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Here are some things I wish I knew before I started playing the game that would’ve made the early game a lot easier.
Reap from my misfortune, adventurers!


1. Bedroll 0:15

2. Alt and Shift Button 0:50

3. Waypoint Button 1:24

4. Autosort Inventory and Inventory Management 1:51

5. Hotbar/Skillbar Management 2:40

6. Quirks of Undead Characters 3:22

7. Nails 4:10

8. Loremaster 4:44

9. Chest-mancer 5:10

10. Barrel-mancy 6:05

11. Runes 6:55

12. Stealing 7:25

13. Teleportation 8:10

14. Migo’s Ring 8:48

15. Respec Your Character 9:25

Bonus: Quick Hits on Tips 9:36

If there are any other tips you’d like to share, feel free to comment below. Thanks for watching!

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not all your lore master facts are right. I doesnt matter who you select when you identify, the loremaster will still do it. Also the mag glass isn't used up.

Romuald Karnazickij

In gameplay options you can manage what get's added to your hotbar after you pick it up

Ricardo Sell Júnior

I don't know if people already posted about your fifth tip but, another way that I found really useful is:
-go to game menu;
-Select options;
-Go to Gameplay Settings;
-Go to Automated hotbar behaviour.

Here, you can select wich items you want or don't want to go to your hotbar 🙂

Kevtro CFC

A few good tips there pal ..thx


undead can walk through death fog

Antoine Moineau

For the hotbar management you can choose in the settings for each type of item wether you want them to go in your bar automatically or not. It's way more convenient and reliable than your solution imo !

Nibbler Hubbla

U could as well have sayd that if u let migo alife and give his ring to his daughter after some other quests where u have to help other ppl u get the perk Heroic where u have some diffrent choises while speaking to specific ppl


Very useful thank you

Jeff Slade

Even with 50 hours in the game I still didn't know a few of these.

Catzel1 Ps4

If this game would have catered to mainstream combat like diablo / Witcher there’s no telling how big it could have got. Looks like a cool game but turn based is an acquired taste


Hey, cool video. Just a bit of info on the "auto add stuff to hotbar" thing. There's now an option under Gameplay where you can toggle what (if anything) you want to pop up on your hotbar. Such a nice added convenience.

Jack Maher

This video is SUPER helpful.

Talon Thorne

Love this game and there's so much to discover.

Fantastic list of tricks. I learned a few things to make life easier. Thanks!


I don’t know if you lose items, but I just destroy locked chests


This video makes me want to start a new game instead of continuing the one Im playing now.


Thank you for this! This was super informative.


Biggest tip I can give: rain spell. Get that shit. It and teleportation are two of the most useful spells in the entire game.

92 Twinsuns

Could you guys help me? I escaped fort joy, was really tough.. but after that the enemies keep destroying me with one or two hits. I reached the gargoyle maze, but no success there either. How should I develop my team? Or should I start over the whole thing again? thanks


Newb here. Real nice video man, lots of pointers to stuff that makes me want to explore the possibilities of this game!

The Invisible World

The 202 haters that disliked, voted for trump


Wow, great tips thanks.

SDI Merc

Thank you – about to finish DOS 1 (again) and might go straight into the new game. 🙂


This game is like play a dream.


My first playthrough lasted about 30 minutes before I restarted as an elf with animal friends talent and good charisma. I'm also a healer which after getting that ring accidentally i realised was useless


I like how Fane covers all his bones not to reveal he is a skeleton, but as soon as we get into a fight every enemy knows to cast a restoration on him XD


I'm like carrying 4 oil barrels on me at any time. They're just so good in a fight. None of my guys have are resistant to fire tho lol


With the hotbar, it's possible to choose what will be added and what won't. You can ensure that only skills are ever placed there, and any items can still be added manually, so you can still keep those resurrection scrolls handy. Also, identifying glasses are no longer used up, so as long as you have one you're good.


Dude, your speech is very difficult to understand. You need to work on your pronunciation, my man. Try to space out your words more, and put more emphasis at the end of words and sentences, because you occasionally "swallow" them, and it sounds like two words mixed together.

steve oakley

nicely put together, thx