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Up Over 20,000% – Crypt0’s Top Cryptocurrency Picks (Over 40 Tokens!)

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Please watch: “Cryptocurrency- An Introduction: Featuring Elle & Crypt0! (Basics, Tips, Resources, & Much More!)”



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Alice Zimmermann

Thank you for being such a POSITIVE, KIND source of information. You are amazing!! Please don't ever allow any negative influences change that about who you are.

Michael Alpine

I think veritaseum is a scam.

kim Nguyen

Thanks so much for this summary. It's engaging and time-saving!

Crypto Conversations

Nice video

Martin Rickard
Really bugging me that no one had done this yet – So here you go ^.^Cyrpto's Cyrptocurrency portfolioETH – 25%BTC – 15.97DASH – 13.02%SMART – 5.82%LTC – 5.55%BCH – 3.56%ETC – 3.21%LINK – 3.14%OMG – 2.62%VERI – 2.47%EOS – 1.79%IOT – 1.70MKR – 1.54%BCAP – 1.39%EBTC – 1.37%ZEC – 1.25%QSP – 0.83%WTC – 0.81%ZRX – 0.77%DGD – 0.64%XMR – 0.62%MLN – 0.57%ZEN – 0.49%FCT – 0.47%SNGLS – 0.45%ICN – 0.43%FUN – 0.39%ANT – 0.35%BTG – 0.34%GNT – 0.33%STRAT – 0.33%ARK – 0.31%HMQ – 0.29%TKN – 0.26%SWT – 0.20%SALT – 0.19%FUEL – 0.16%PAY – 0.16%LGD – 0.14%MANA – 0.13%
KABOB kabob

"I'm not at a million yet so keep donating to me"
lol great video though.


emc2 to be featured on vsauce2 mind blow tomorrow…that will be the "mind blowing" announcement you heard it here first

The mexican Fonz

XVG is next to explode.

Szczepan Bentyn

I love You bro. I've started a YT channel about cryptocurriencies before You (I'm evangelising in Polish), and I watch You since the begining. I've send You a sagnificant portion of my Personal Tokens called BentynCoin [BEN] (traded on beatcoin.pl)

guillermo silva

If you lived close I would let you use my studio just to get to pick your brain.

JON Cunningham

SmartCash—- looks good here!……. To the moon guys …… IMO

Parker Gibbons

Krypt0, doge coming back


BTC allocation is way too low. You have way too many coins in general, consolidate into the best projects for better returns, you are just casting a gigantic net and throwing darts at a dart board

Parker Gibbons

hey Crypt0, did you catch that Heath Ledger's character (and name) is a perfect analogy to cryptocurrency against USD in the Dark Knight? 🙂 (ledger, burning dollars, establish order & everyone loses their minds) you smell me?

Sarah Christine

This video was super helpful 👍🏼


My Exodus wallet limits me to the type of coins I can collect, is there a wallet out there that does it all?


Verge team and wraith protocol – https://medium.com/verge-currency-xvg/meet-the-core-team-our-future-vision-and-an-important-announcement-3965730bd0b8

Ameer Rosic interviews Sunerok(XVG) and the main PIVX guy –

Palirai vrai

Hello Crypt0, I've been watching your videos for a long time, I like how you follow the news of the crypto currency. I want to recommend anonymous crypto currency DeepOnion, with fast transactions. The coin appeared in July 2017, in just over half a year the community gained more than 8,000 participants in the official forum, the price jumped from $ 0.65 to $ 3.5 and was fixed at $ 2.7. You should take a look and learn more. Get an interesting video. https://deeponion.org/


What's your opinion about HUSH? I have some invested in it.

Ernest Kidwell

Dent rocks. https://www.dentwireless.com/faq — Really high total supply(billions). However, excellent idea of sharing mobile data and bandwidth with one another. They roadmap to be working with ATT and verizon this coming year in Q1. Hopefully massive burning on the way

Aditya Sharma

Instead of donating 1$ a month through patreon, simply paypal 12 $ for the whole year, patreon now have changed their fees so 30 cents from 1 dollar subs goes to them, instead of the person you are donating to.


Thank you!