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Tokia ICO Review : Forever free Cryptocurrency exchange

Tokia ICO Review : Forever free Cryptocurrency exchange who is offering Tokia Direct Debit Card and a Multi Currency blockchain wallet
Visit them here: https://goo.gl/FKu6Wx

The three components create synergies with each other: Multi-currency blockchain Wallet
enables users to store and manage all of their crypto assets that get traded on the exchange
and get spent via the debit card from one convenient location; Direct debit card allows users
to use virtual currencies in every day life, seamlessly converting their virtual currencies into
traditional fiat currencies at the moment of payment; while the integration into a Fast and
reliable exchange enables easy converting between multiple currencies stored in the wallet,
and offers seamless conversion into traditional fiat currencies.
Tokia will compete with coinbase, tenx, monaco and many other products as it seems.


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aishwarya kunadharaju

Review Friendz ico.
It's just awesome.

Reycrypto Z

How do you create a custom wallet to recieve tokens?

Avery Perez

Avery Perez
2 weeks ago
Hi I just want to say this is not a scam. I am invested in this ICO. Here is new Reliant content that may better help to support this Claim!!!

The video I included is from the CEO Anna Herself! Thank you

skineven. com

Can you please Review Topiacoin
Thank you


I was looking for a review of Tokia! A very fair and practical review 🙂
Now to top it all off, the coin price has been adjusted against ETH (before it was USD). So you are looking at some 1.7 USD a coin now! They still don't have a CTO or a development team ! And people are still buying in. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Koirasen Koira

Scam, some team members left this scam-project, compare team lists before and now!

Jordan Garrity

Good review. One thing I noticed is that they do not currently have any agreements with VISA or Mastercard, so what system will they use to let their users pay by card? Looking at Monaco, they will be using VISA.
I don't have faith or even trust in the team, a real pity because their product and service seem truly promising.

Btc takeover Fif element

Keep em videos coming my friend, new sub right here.


Any thoughts on loopx ?



D Based

I've been hearing bad things about this ICO, what do you all think?

Hjalti Sveinsson

Very good video! Awesome information. Just decided not to take part because of your information.

Rj wije

Excellent assessment…I subscribed…I'll keep an eye out for more from you.

andy hornett

Great analysis and refreshingly critical and honest – was going to sign up but there's more than enough there to have put me off –
plenty of opportunities out there – new sub – thanks!

Blair B. A

Well done….thank you.

Ben Jamin'

Thanks for the research

Zuber Vohra

Thanks I was abt to hit buy but canceled it after watching your video.

Ferdy Klomp

Is it different from Tenx or Monaco?

invoker qureshi

amazing review best crypto youtuber


Thanks, although I did buy into this with $1,000, and frankly it did seem too good to be true then, and thought similarly about a sketchy Whitepaper and a small team of players. I have subscribed so maybe I'll be more astute in the future. Thanks, ciao.

Luc Nguyen

Very observant and critical but fair. You got a sub out of me


Awesome review, I'll subscribe and check out the rest of your videos – really well done. Curious: what's the barrier to entry for other established CC vendors to do the same thing, once this market matures? Seems like MasterCard, Visa, etc. could add their own exchange and offer the same service if they wanted to, pushing these small fish to the curb.

Frank Flash

Great help for me to decide that I'm interested.

angelo lopez

hi how are you
I have a question
I have a digital wallet, jaxx , what would you recommend is the best way to convert the ether I have in there into cash (USD )

manuel manuel

This will not work. Is not realistically possible for them.


Can we invest on it???

Orlando N

Please review Electroneum 🙂

Mr. Whoever

This guy literally re-uploaded your video on his channel.

Abe GMan

Great review, I'm stunned they have someone who is a social media expert and he's failed on some key points you made. Point of information: The issue with the CEO Anna link to her professional profile has been resolved. I feel good about this concept so I'm going to post a link on their facebook to your review so they can take to heart the points you made and fix the problems.


Thank you so much for making this super informative video dude, you really know your stuff! Could you possibly review Trade.io or cryptotrust.network ? I've been hearing a bit of info here and there about them but nothing comprehensible or solid, I really like your videos and I'm just having a little trouble wrapping my head around everything!