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Ethos: The CryptoCurrency that WILL end Coinbase

There is a lot of speculation about what will actually usher in the mass adoption of cryptocurrency. Ethos is that medium, for multiple reasons.

1. Fiat Gateway w/Instant Liquidity: Buy CryptoCurrency with your fiat through a checking account on the Ethos Platform and instantly convert your Cryptocurrency into Fiat for everyday purchases.

2. Universal Wallet: Keep your cryptoassets safe and secure, with ease of access and use.

3. Manage traditional assets: Bridging the 70 trillion dollar asset management industry and cryptocurrency is part of evolution.

4. Major Exchange: Buy, sell, and trade your cryptocurrencies on a safe, decentralized platform.

5. Ethos Social: A social network that will expand and be used in all aspects of life. Send funds to your family, request crowdfunding, get tips, and earn rewards and commission for your posts.

I’m sure there are many more but these are the main points I want to touch on.

If you want to buy ETHOS token you can get it on Binance under the ticker (BQX).

Make a coinbase account here:

Make a Binance Account here:

If you want to support me with any ERC 20 tokens to include ETHOS you can send it here:


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Scott M

Ethos luanches March 2108

D Mac

It seem like they are trying to do to much.


Nice overview. thanks!

Jay Jay

Ethos sucks a lot


Litepay feb 26th. 2018 ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Shay D Johnson
Oh, please. What are you 12? You OBVIOUSLY haven't dealt with the government, beurocracy, regulatory agencies, tax agencies and I bet, barely even filed taxes a handful of times, if that. "ETHOS IS REALISTIC ABOUT REGULATION AND IT"S A GOOD IDEA" BOONDOGGLE! WAKE UP!!!!! You have NO IDEA what you're talking about when you defend "regulated decentralization" You have much to learn. This will be a video you look back on in 10 or 20 years and ask yourself "what was I thinking???" WHY DO YOU THINK SO MANY PEOPLE ARE AGAINST REGULATION??? Mass hysteria? They're all just hippies and… Read more »
Byron W

USi-Tech will have this also… as well as a trading co-op and an exchange for Bitcoin. gr8gains.usitech-int.com/

Coin Lecture

1,000th sub ๐Ÿ˜Ž congrats bro!

Michael Morrison

As much as this project makes me cringe because of the bank similarities, as long as they don't use the same strategies I'm alright with it. You know "bank credit" and all that.


Screw that. Who wants to exchange cryptos to fiat??? Future will be 100% cryptonized!


Why not just use your debit?? Sounds like it boils down to the same ideology.


Good vid mate. Subbed to channel. Also what do you think of Pillar? I do think that Exodus have something big in the pipeline to rival Ethos too. They are just keeping it hush hush at the mo ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ


Excellent video; and subbed!

Ujwal Limaje

Po.et to the moon๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€

Lol Ger

can you do a review on any coin from coinmarketcap regarding jobs and recruiting?


Ethos will make it easier to track for taxes too…….which is a good thing since its such a pain in the ass to keep track of everything……..more regulation brings more money into the space……will gladly pay taxes if I make a shit ton of money when the big boys come in, beat them to the punch and get in now……….its coming…….3-5 months. Can also store Ethos on a Ledger Nano S in cold storage……..safe.

Trumble Research

The media says crypto is for nefarious means and Nazis like it. Lolololol. What the fuck? The usd has been the real tool for war.

Yan Lake

This type of coin in the future will be regulated, as they said they are open to it, but all this data will be used against you, not to free you, but to make you conform, i love Crypto, but the majority of non privacy coins in the future will be useless one big brother knocks at the door. Mark my words, only time will tell


but they don`t have any fascinated team……?

jorge rubio

Great explanation of this coin!

Average Joe


chris cash

It's so simpel. From 100% Investment I made and recomend.

BQX (30%)
VEN (25%)
NEO (20%)
ADA (15%)
ICON (10%)

Leave it like 2 years thank me later !

Digital khan

Naga V/s ethos ….who better

impatient potato

buy coins to get more taxed?

impatient potato

more taxe great

UnionBlue _

Hey its Diego ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking forward to more vids like this, keep em coming man great job.



Drool Alot

I thoroughly analyzed their website there is no product, no ROADMAP with milestones and delivery dates. I see a picture with an app, but I don't see any. app. They even have a current college student on the team…. What are you seeing that I am not?


this is a huge deal easily triple digit coin

Nathan Ryweck

It sounds similar to Stellar


Ethos has just made an announcement for new collaboration with La La world. Not to mention the promotion price that we have in the moment ๐Ÿ™‚

William Sanderson
Baladev Saraz

ETHOS great coin !

Rick van Rath

Undervallued Cryto's: Ethos / AirSwap / Wabi / Elixr / Loopring / COSS / Airtoken / Clearpoll / Quantstamp / Dragonchain / ICON / Suncontract / Utrust / BlockMason Credit Protocol / Monetha / Powerledger / Latoken / Substratum / Stratis / Electroneum

The Daily Hustle

Great content… but i would say The purpose of cryptos is to become decentralized. taxing authority is still a centralized system of governance paradigm… we are in a decentralizing phase.

that said. i expect people to learn more about the multiple kinds of citizenship that exist. American Nationals Free men with out the washington dc jurisdiction. This class of citizen is know as a state citizen where as US citizens are technically employee under a corporate style of goverenance…

all you have ro do is sever the corporate contract. learn more at http://www.weissparis.com

Silver Gold Man

WAY too LIMITED of a market from the get go, not saying ETHOS price wont rise but this token/project has long way to go before becoming popular especially when its late getting out of the gate. And you gave a link to Coinbase??/WTF I guess youre not up on Coinbase intel.

Daniel R

Just check TenX which is working already.

Godless Glen

The only help I would want with my taxes is if they will help me write off everything damn thing I can. lol.

Best collection of Uppum Mulakum

Ethos will be huge


thanks for the video, what are you thinking about Dentacoin ?

Rickard Hill

And then we have Tokencard, quite similar in the end. Multiwallet, fiat gateway, card of course and much more. Available to US, Europe, South Korea etc.. Tokencard is a little more anonymous atm, like Metalpay for example, the focus have been on building a great product. Just look at the marketcap of TKN and then you understand the potential for an investor. Of course I'm an investor of Ethos also, but I believe the gains could be much higher with Tokencard. The race is on!

The Crypto Ninja