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CRYPTO NEWS! Google Bans Cryptocurrency and ICO Ads!

Quick look at the news articles and markets this morning.

Google to Ban Cryptocurrency, Initial Coin Offering Ads

Binance Is Launching Its Own Blockchain

Binance Is Launching Its Own Blockchain

Thailand Proposes New Cryptocurrency Gains Tax

Kryll MVP is live!

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R3 v. Ripple Lawsuit To Be Decided In NY As XRP Loses Its Appeal To CA Court

Debitum – Global small business financing

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Hardy Fourtyniner

Excellent content and broad coverage as usual. You are one of my top channel pics currently. You just get better. Who does your graphics media and the robotics models and images?


ICO's will only have advertising on yahoo and youtube(unless youtube starts banning youtubers). It won't be too bad.

Rodolfo Oliveira

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