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Bank, VC, & Corporate Money Flooding into Charlie Lee, Bitcoin, & Cryptocurrency

Coinbase, GMO, DMG, and Charlie Lee are just the tip of the iceberg of an often overlooked trend of big money flooding into cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is happening on a daily basis. Venture Capital, once afraid of crypto is going big, banks are getting on board, corporates are joining the party – what do they know that main street investors don’t?

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Disclaimer: Everything expressed here is my opinion and not official investment advice – please do your own research before risking your own money!

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edoardo barzano

Thanks Lark 8 minutes are awesome!!!!!

Pete Gonz
Lark: There are also "groups" trying to get their hands on crypto. E.g., I imagine the Russian mob, the Yakuza, and even the Cocaine cartels in Mexico. Furthermore, and please don't call me a racist, it's a reality, the Jews are heavily into trying to control crypto. Very much like the Banksters. And, not just buying it, but creating multi million dollar scams. As when Michael Milken, et. al. invaded Wall Street with Junk Bonds. For example, and again, I could be wrong with respect to particular coins. But it's happening I think with Ripple, perhaps Stellar (same creator), Tron,… Read more »
D. Michael Elkins

Funny to hear you speak of accredited investors not having to “physically hold the coins.” I don’t think that anyone physically holds any cryptocurrencies, LOL.

Martin Thomsen

Lark with all the money comming in what do you think of the Dropil platform? i am invested 🙂 Nice video Thank you for doing it. Keep up the hard work. Cheers from Denmark

Callum Peel

Thanks for the great content, very concise without being ball achingly boring. Well done Sir.
Viva La Blockchain!

Cuckoldress Beth

You have perfectly hit the nail on the head with this video!! This is the big picture and one that people seem to over look because of all the fear in the market at the moment…. Would love to see more of these video’s periodically because this is what is most important! LONG LIVE THE BLOCKCHAIN!!!!! ((A MILLION THUMB UP ON THE VIDEO)) ^

Great Days

Definitely like 👍

judistira candra parangan

Hey Lark,
Syncfab maybe got hacked? The scamer got all its investor email and address and sent an email to confirm that and ask to submit their acces key.

Anthony Rossi

Thanks Lark 🙂

Super Roo

Hey Lark! You didn't mention whats screwing the market, that every time Bitcoin takes a big dive is because Mt Gox trustee is flooding the market with thousands of Bitcoin in order to pay creditors etc. When will it end?!

B Davis

Great shot of the positive. Thanks Lark!

Dr. Crypto

Thanx Lark, you found some real gems in the news! Peace out till next time!

audie c

long live blockchain!


This guy says otherwise Lark….

Sub Zero

Just ride the wave…

Christian V

I wait till he says “sick gainz” then I smash that like button.

Orsolya Szajcz

No Friday news roundup? :((((

SiLo Mixing and Mastering

It’s becoming more and more like the dot com era with these ICO’s

Cj James

Lark as usual great content


Dude you are three months late.

Jamie Larkin

Nice little morale booster! Cheers Lark

Christina Steele

Thank you for speaking clearly and concisely. You don’t repeat things and use word fodder. Love your videos. ❤️

Dylan De Lude

Thanks man.

Allen Lichner

You have the best crypto currency show on YouTube. Yes crypto is the future. I am just trying to accumulate as much as I can. Thanks Lark for you do.

Susie Villa

Boom Great Vid

Crypto Trade

Clark like Luke you are my only hope. Thanks a million mate

Lorraine E

Thanks for the video- exciting times!!!

Quinten Galle

Lark, i love your vids !! keep up the great job

Alan Porter

Maybe they are market manipulators, because there is a decrease in overall market capital. But in the long run the future is bright I think.

Anna Ingham

Great video. I watched it twice. ❤

Ulf Josefsson
I have had a feeling that the drop in prices could not be blamed soley on FUD, Regulations and Mt. Gox trustees. Thinking that "big money" knowing regulation is on it´s way started to manipulate down the prices long time ago and also moving capital into the marketplace, ready to "hit" when the time is right. And pushing prices down….well…if i had enough influence and money i would be doing the same thing, positioning for what´s about to come. Think the next 6 months will be a wild ride.. BTC hitting 2,8 before we shoot of towards new ath. Im… Read more »

You remind me of a young Benny Hill


Lark you are the best fundamental analyst out there. To see clearly in a sea of information, high and low, good and bad, a sea of fud. They used to call that wisdom.

Heino van Rooyen

Would you say Monero is a good coin to add to my 1 Neo an LTC? Looking to buy low now while it is on sale lol.


Indeed Lark these wolves in sheep's clothing know exactly what their doing. It'd be a poor judgement call on all our parts to act as if we're so smart and they're so oblivious.

James G

Good, keep combating the FUD

Lance Hughes

he's mostly talking about companies buying into the infrastructure around cryptocurrency. which essentially means these smart businesses know it's gunna be huge in the future. their point of view is miles above the average person.


Great work Lark! Super charisma. Thx for the bright news. Woke up too a crash:(