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Money Making Tips For Low Level Players In World of Warcraft

Many of the most useful money making guides on the internet are devoted to helping high level characters make money in areas that no one else can visit. For that reason, here are a couple of solid methods to make money for much lower level characters.

Farming Stranglekelp

This method requires a basic skill level of 85 in herbalism and a level of about 17 or so. First, a player must be able to reach Zoram Strand where the Stranglekelp is grown. This is a basic level herb that helps alchemists level up and create potions of a certain strain. It is highlyought after and you can make a decent chunk of gold by farming it. The specific location you'll want to look for this item is in Ashenvale. Starting here, start looking and gathering from the island in the far northern corner and working your way down the coastline until you reach the Horde base.

The herb returns rather quickly so when you finish your run, you should be able to turn around and start over again. The mobs are easily ignored and for those Undead characters, the underwater breathing is a key skill that makes this that much easier. In one hour, you can gather about 2 stacks of Stranglekelp which sells for 3 gold per stack on average but can go for as high as 5 in certain times. That makes it possible to make up for 10 gold an hour as a level 17 character.

Farming Vibrant Plumes

One of the many items that players collect in the game is the Vibrant Plume. The item itself is useful as a stack of 5 becomes a Darkmoon Faire Prize Ticket, redeemable with reputation at the Dark Moon Faire on the first Friday of every month, alternating between Horde and Alliance. The Vibrant Plumes themselves can be found on Screeching Roguefeathers and Harpys in The Thousand Needles. If you gather a stack of 5, you can usually sell them for as much as 1 gold per stack during the Faire. The best way to do this is to visit the Faire directly and sell the items to players there, where you can make more money than in the Auction House.

A second item that sells very well when the Faire is around is Glowing Scorpid Blood. This item is only lootable by characters who can defeat a level 55 mob. However, if a low level character buys this item when it is cheap, they can resell during the Faire and make a decent profit. Each stack of these sells for about 7 gold during the Faire and about 3 gold between Faires. With the right capital, you can make a decent amount of gold from buying and selling.

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