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Lorde REACTS To Pink’s 2018 Grammys Performance & Gets Called Out

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Did Lorde SHADE Pink after her Grammy performance?! Find out why Lorde’s getting called OUT on social media.

This is why you ALWAYS gotta be reaction-ready for the camera at an awards show.

Pink gave a powerful and impassioned performance of her hit song, “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken” at this year’s Grammy awards, and just in case you missed here, here’s a little taste:

Yeah, that’s what you call GIVING IT YOUR ALL, PEOPLE! While Pink was given a huge round of applause for her breathtaking rendition of the song, one member of the crowd who seemed to be less than impressed by Pink was Lorde. The “Green Light” singer was caught giving barely a golf clap after Pink ended her performance, and that is NOT an exaggeration.

Lorde was immediately CALLED OUT by fans on Twitter, with one posting QUOTE, “@lorde ‘s expression after @Pink performance??? WTH?? Baby claps?? Is there some sort of beef here I don’t know about?? #grammys” and another writing QUOTE, “Lorde has no time for Pink #GRAMMYs”. Many others took to the app to question what the deal with Lorde’s reaction to Pink was, and it doesn’t seem like anybody has a logical explanation. One fan called out the incident as QUOTE, “white on white crime” and frankly I’m gonna have to agree with them. Lorde–what is your deal woman?!

Maybe Lorde wasn’t as enthusiastic about Pink killing it because she was still bummed about not getting a solo Grammy performance, herself. It was reported that Lorde refused to perform at the Grammys after she wasn’t offered a solo performance, unlike her fellow male nominees. Of course, that’s still no excuse for that miniature golf clap so WHAT GIVES, LORDE?!

How about you guys–what do you make of Lorde shading Pink with that limp-as-all-hell clap? Let me hear your thoughts and theories in the comments below, and after that click right over here to see all the best moments from the awards show. Thanks so much for joining me on News Feed, and be sure to subscribe for more award season coverage! I’m your girl Drew Dorse and I’ll see you next time!

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