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“Baby Woz:” A Rap for Caroline Wozniacki

well, this is song #2 for the one and only caroline wozniacki (the first is called “super cute girl with a polish name,” recorded oct 3, 2009…of course) this one is called “baby woz,” and was originally intended to be a rap. i’m still going to call it a rap, even if it’s not. shall we?


Born and raised in Denmark
Your smile shines through the dark
Carefully walking planks
You quickly rose up the ranks
Youre swimming in potential
Its gonna be torrential
Your future is looking bright
Youre Danish Dynamite


Baby Woz
Baby Woz
Strike a pose
Pretty rose
Like your clothes
Ya beat your foes
Your skins glows
Baby Wozzzzz

You play with your thinking cap
Make my hands want to clap
Babolats your racket
You can really whack it
You like a chocolate fountain
Lets go ride on Magic Mountain
You say your lucky numbers eight
Youre blasting up my heart rate

Repeat Chorus

You kicked some ass in Doha
Made us all go WHOAHA!
Steady as an anchor
In that match with Azarenka
With cramps from your tum to your toes
You beat Zvonareva and her bloody nose
Baby Woz
Baby Wozzzzz

Instrumental Solo

You got yourself some haterZ
Hope they choke on Now and Laters™
They call you Pushniacki
Theyre so effing tacky
Your fans are in the millions
Theres even some Brazilians
Youre winning all your rounds
Your cuteness knows no bounds

Repeat Chorus


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