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Registering Domain Name – Before Buying Domain Names Do These Three Things


#1)Choose a “You” Dot Com
The first thing to consider before registering domain names is you may want to register both your business name and your personal name. This is especially true for start up small business or sole propieterships. Not registering YourfirstnameLastname.com could be a huge mistake in terms of marketing and branding purposes. You don’t want to delay doing this and risk someone else claiming ownership of your own name in the form of a dot com. When I personally wanted to register my name as WalterBell.com someone else had already aquired it. Luckily my name with my middle initial was still available so I aquired WalterLBell.com instead.

#2) Decide Blog or Website?
Second thing to determine is what form will my dot com be. A website or a blog? Keep in mind is that people have always done business because of the like you, know you and trust you factor. For new potential customers, you having your personal name, firstnamelastname.com, in the form of a blog helps with all three of these factors. Social media dominates the world of the Internet and buyers are becoming more and more savy about who they do business with. Selling “yourself” by providing niche related information in the form of a “You Dot Com” blog is simply smart business. A personal blog gives you the opportunity to position yourself as an expert, have interaction with potential customers through the comment option and “pre-sell” them on your product and services.

#3) Know How To Create A Keyword Rich Domain
The third thing to consider in registering domain names is make sure it is key word rich if you are not using your own name or a business name. A simple method for doing so would be to first go to google’s free adwords keyword tool. To access it do a google search on the term “keyword tool”. This tool will give you a list of keywords that people are typing into google’s search engine for any particular niche term. For example, if you are a piano music teacher with a music training dvd and work book you would enter the enter a term such as “play piano” or “piano lessons”. You may pick one of the terms that results from such a search such as “learn to play piano dvd” and chose a domain such as Joannslearntoplaypianodvd.com


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