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2016 GAMING SETUP VIDEO! (L-Shaped Desk Setup)

Hope you all enjoyed the second gaming setup video, sorry but I wasnt quite finished when I made the first video because i still had to add on a couple of things. Hope you all enjoyed that skit at the end 😉



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  1. sick setup i just order that desk u have and i cant wait to get it!!!!!!!!!

  2. Music in the intro is really loud turns volume down Voice is really soft afterwards Turns volume up Try to even out those volumes, that would improve your content. Good luck!

  3. Can you send the link to this desk pls?

  4. Probably one of my top 5 favorite setups. Not to much not to little. I'm thinking of buying this desk for my setup great video ???.

  5. So the desk is good enough for gaming?

  6. Hey what desk is that I'm looking for a desk

  7. what is the name of the desk

  8. Hey, can you give me the dimensions of the desk? I'm getting a case that's around 19 inches long, and I wanted to know if it will fit.

  9. Hey man, what are those monitors? Do you recommend?

  10. I have the same desk and honestly the shelf aids

  11. I have the same desk. Just got it too.

  12. would you mind linking me to the link of the mic arm stand thing? thanks man. great video

  13. what was the name of the desk?

  14. I love the setup, I'm trying to get my own atm but don't have enough money

  15. solid setup bruh just bought a L shaped desk so I'm looking for some setup ideas ?

  16. oh ya thanks for the tip for the desk cause i been looking for a l shape desk that had a shelf on the side cause i am getting a ps4 slim soon and i have a xbox one and a gaming pc my is a mini itx build so it is small and slim . and thanks for the desk link.