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20 Things Every NEW PC Gamer Should Know

Thinking of becoming a PC Gamer? Here are a few things you need to know to get the most out of gaming on the PC. ☆ Subscribe for more: …


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  1. I enjoy Uplay. Obviously full steam integration would be better… buuuut, it has never caused any serious problems for me and the majority of games I play regularly use it.

  2. some of them are bullshit, the steam controller was the best thing i every bought, automatic game optimize is horse shit, it recommend wired setting that run bad, v sync can be super good in some games and a huge disadvantage in others…. and a lot more.

  3. DRM: Digital Rights Management

    Basically it controls how you use the software. Steam is a form of DRM. DRM free games mean you can install it where ever and how ever you like. And without some sort of other software required to run before the game.

  4. No the reason Steam allowed refunds is because the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) took Valve to court.

  5. steam, steam, steam, get steam refunds OH FUCK STEAM!!!

  6. i5 1tb 16gb ram 228ssd Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 are these good?

  7. Can you guys do a video about buying parts or putting parts together?

  8. Says don't spend thousands of dollars… Me saving 1900 for gaming rig.

  9. 3:20 i am just a crazy sport and gamer freek xp i am so lucky :')

  10. "But im a mac gamer,,

  11. The gaming setup you want to have is still ~$3,500; only slightly less than the $5,000 in 1980.

  12. I am going into pc only because I am a YouTube and it is so much easier to record on pc

  13. what made me buy a gaming pc ?
    because i dont spend my entire day gaming
    pc is faster for browsing than a phone

  14. 2:56 lel they play roblox. Since I'm poor it's almost the only game I can play. (Besides all the free ones on steam)

  15. Steam controller good but odd xbox 360 is probably the best for pc

  16. steam still dont give refunds, i tried twice already

  17. I saw some 11 year old get 10k on twitch last Saturday. Do streaming.

  18. Welcome to the comment section summary:
    – VSync is stupid, ruins games and not needed
    – New PC gamers don't know what DRM is, because it does not affect anyone else
    – I bought (final PC – not built, BOUGHT) a 500$ PC and it has bad graphics, but graphics don't matter, except PS3 has the best

  19. what about if you have gamed on a laptop…..

  20. I like pc gaming coz it opens a wider range of opportunities

  21. 'It may sound stupid, but you have to get up from time to time' whaat? Really does sound stupid huh

  22. Arkham Knight PC runs pretty damn well these days. With how low it costs these days compared to how it's improved you're definitely getting bang for buck.

  23. geforce experience isn't the best program. I've seen it crash and significantly​ slow down many many computers

  24. I got into PC gaming for better graphics and better games

  25. Good tips definitely gonna help me when I get a new pc in June

  26. Can somebody help me? In number 14 the presenter speaks of "DRL"… (or I mishear), but I can't find wat DRL stands for. Feeling stupid :-p

  27. Your simply not a PC gamer unless
    a) you try some homebrew mods and,
    b) you run a few emulators
    Mind you, the emus are works in process and most newer gen consoles have their issues, but EPSXE and VisualBoyAdvance M have most of those kinks worked out. PCSX2 and Dolphin are pretty tight, but need a little horsepower for the best experience.
    The mod community is awesome. You can take an old game like Chrono Trigger, and find new life in the Colosseum version (just tried this), or find an expansive library of DLC in games like Skyrim (new homes, NPCs, partners, clothing lines, weapons, missions, areas, etc all day long) Sometimes, whole games get remade in awesome ways as well. Tamriel Rebuilt completely overhauls Morrowind, making it 4 x the size of the original, adding new everything. I have heard of, but never tried a Perfect Dark remake on the Half-life engine (the software that runs the game), but have seen screenshots, and Dang it looks good.
    If your on PC and have a decent system, I suggest at least taking a look into these aspects. I don't think you will be disappointed.

  28. What up guys I hope a veteran PC gamer replies I really want to switch to PC but I have 0 idea about what to do, which is better and all that stuff, I'm planning on saving up and buying one of Asus gaming Laptops and I want to know are these Laptops worth the heavy price ? I'm a Dark Souls/Skyrim type of gamer should I even switch ? Does these Laptops function like normal Laptops too ? Cause I'm planning on recording footage and stuff, please I want a legit helpful reply, thanks

  29. going into PC gaming cause it's better also I'm tired of paying for online an the game sales on console are trash also PC has lots an lots of games.

  30. Anyone else play on a Laptop because they like to move their gaming around?

  31. negetive about geforce experience

    this thing always put game on low or mid even i have enough specs

    and why mouse.. even my cheap mouse does the job