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16 AWESOME New Upcoming Games to Play in 2017 & Beyond | PS4 Xbox One PC

Here are 16 NEW EPIC Upcoming Games you NEED to play in 2017 & 2018! Anticipated games coming to Playstation 4, PC & Xbox One. Which game looks the most promising? Post in the comments! List of the games below:

0:00 Middle Earth Shadow of War

2:59 RAID: World War 2


6:57 Agony

9:51 Project Wight

11:35 Vampyr

13:20 Heathen

15:26 Mordhau

17:16 Echo

19:53 Sea of Thieves

21:56 Identity

23:52 Inner Chains

24:59 Vestige of the Past

26:46 Dual Universe

27:50 Visage

29:02 Last Year

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  1. This video has been RE-UPLOADED! (from Yesterday) because of the quality of the video but it's been fixed now!

  2. ANyone else like "YES! That game looks amazing! I'm totally going to buy it!.. Oh wait, it's ubisoft. Fuck them and that game"

  3. anybody know if days gone is gonna have an emulator for the pc becuase you know everttj ing should be on pc anyway and there's never a reason for it not to be.

  4. Agony looks awesome.. I like the new concept! Can't wait to play that game!

  5. Seriously thought that Avatar game is gonna be life changing

  6. To me inner chains is just doom with synths

  7. Hey random person scrolling through hope you have a nice day/ night

  8. Will the last of us part2 be out in 2017 or 2018?

  9. 90% of the games is so over done especially the first game shown. Western games only shown in here. And all look a like in terms of graphics and gameplay.

  10. have mmorpgs gone backwards?

  11. another downgraded games by ubisoft

  12. Who is excited for shadow of war!!!!

  13. Avataaar 😀 How beautiful! Thank youbisoft 🙂

  14. that echo game is a really cool idea

  15. shitty video that focuses on stupid games rather than big games

  16. PC Is getting blessed up with a lot of great games this year

  17. The project witch narrator sounds like that one down kid

  18. sub me and i will sub anyone who subscribes me

  19. It seems like lots of developers were inspired by DOOM's brutality.


  21. Lol most of these games look like shit tbh

  22. ECHO is the NEW kind of dynamic AI that i had been waiting for which it will adapt according to your behavior and action awsome

  23. There some pretty creepy
    Games comings out there heh?

  24. Oh boy I'm afraid to get too old for games

  25. Only game I'm hyped ab is avatar either wise bad compilation especially agony like chill

  26. mordhau look like chivalry 2 to me

  27. The previous avatar game wasnt really that bad, I actually enjoyed it very much

  28. Identity would be chaos if u could instantly get guns

  29. And thy expect us to be able to run something like Dual Universe? Nigga, Star Citizen would run like Minecraft compared to this!

  30. Why so much horror games this list is Freaking me out

  31. seriously?! no one hyped for World War 2? HITLER GUYS CMON!

  32. gameplays recorded on consoles and its written first pc later on consoles lol….pc gamers are so fucked up xD….Why you have to lie man!!!

  33. Indenity, twitch streamers and role players haven. No fun for the casual folk

  34. Who agrees that Avatar should be a VR game?

  35. i wana buy survival games on ps4

  36. Why fucking Bugisoft is makeing an Avatar game. WHY?