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16 Amazing Xbox One Games You Must Play In 2017

Xbox One is getting loads of amazing games in 2017. Here are the top 16 you should be excited about.
What games are you most looking forward to? Pop them in the comments below!
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  1. Hey guys, Come check out some of my video's if you have the time !! Thank you 🙂

  2. just to tell you I play the Xbox one

  3. I'm sick of seeing this cup head in the top games while I'm trying to decide if I want an xbox one…so far I'm thinking PS 4 if this is the kind of games they're releasing…

  4. I misunderstood the title. I expected exclusives.

  5. it makes me sad that scalebound got canceled

  6. the only games i plan on getting are: die young,
    last year

  7. the mutant creatures inn resident evil are called moist monsters

  8. and people say it has no games, where did that infectious lie come from?

  9. You all forgot about Star Wars Battlefront 2

  10. Troco jogos de Xbox one , tenho pra trocar , FIFA 17 , fallout4 , ghost recon , whatch dogs 2, halo5 , ark, forza horizon3, rocket league e the witcher quem quiser chama whatsapp 81983612170

  11. Your intro made me check my xbox to turn it off

  12. I'm really looking forward to state deciny 2

  13. I don't get how people pay big money for these iOS-looking games. They seem to have high reviews though.

  14. Looking to get a new game…Metal Gear Solid 5 or Witcher 3???? Pros/cons?

  15. how dare Microsoft cancels scalebound is the worst every decision they have ever made they are extremely stupid and should reconsider their decision

  16. im looking forward to sea of thives

  17. omg they have a new crackdown I had the last one on xbox 360. now I have a xbox one so yay

  18. Xbox1 needs a rock crawling/rock bouncing open world game

  19. my birthday is coming up what Xbox games should I get besides destiny watch dogs 2 dishonored 2 star wars battlefront gta5 and forza horizen3

  20. You guys do not know anything about gaming.

  21. When does State Of Decay two release?

  22. Does anyone want to gameshare? I have Battlefield 1 and GTA 5.

  23. It's to bad they use PC footage from where they played or saw these games. Especially Wildlands, State Of Decay 2 and Prey will NEVER look that good, especially on any console.. Oh, Xbox One. Also I saw like 3 exclusives. How sad.

  24. Injustice 2, red dead redemption 2, tom clancy ghost recon. ?

  25. Crisis and sea of thieves are the only good looking games. But knowing Xbox, they are going to be canceled just like every decent game that should have been released. O well time to put the xbrick into the closet and play the ps4 this year.

  26. crackdown 3 and new mass effect

  27. Hmm metal gear survive is not.. Not.. Not.. A brainchild of kojima. He came out scoffing it and it's attachment to his metal gear kojima. It's a 100% boycott opportunity for gamers. Konami have been on the edge of critism for many years after refusing to spend any cash on a game licence for real names on Pes. THEN the treatment of kojima. I say send a message don't be a sheep.

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  30. i heard in game informer they stoped production on Scalbound. I bet that pirate game will be alot of fun.

  31. I thought Sea of Thieves wasn't getting released on Xbox One because it couldn't/wouldn't be able to handle it.
    That's why they said it would be released on Project Scorpio!