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15 Games That Have The Best Multiple Endings

Not every ending in every game is so cut and dry. Many games boast multiple endings, prompting you to take different actions in your playthroughs. Then again …


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  1. Nobody thought to add Baldur's Gate? who had more endings and ramifications before multiple endings ever existed? 😀

  2. I can tell you don't play many indie games, the binding of Isaac rebirth, no they were different endings, not the same ones

  3. Kinda surprised Catherine didn't make it onto the list

  4. how about arcanum and fallout 1 and 2

  5. Does this channel have something against Dark Souls games? Watched the 15 bosses you can't kill video, Seath's first fight not on the list. Watched this video, NONE of the souls games (including Bloodborne), all of which have multiple endings, are on this list. What is this channel, casual?

  6. where the fuck is fallout 4 niggerfaggot

  7. the first Twisted Metal game had a live action endings

  8. You put UNDERTALE as NUMBER #10!? BULLSHIT! UNDERTALE IS A GAME FULL OF CHOICES! I'VE CALCULATED AND THERE'S ABOUT MORE THAN 40 ENDINGS ( No joke depending on how many monsters you kill or not ) UNDERTALE should be #1!

  9. What about the Walking Dead games?

  10. Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
    Wolf Among Us
    Heavy Rain
    Dishonored 2
    Dragon Age: Origins
    Mass Effect 2
    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic


  12. no bioshock 1 and 2? with 1 you have the good ending with no little sister snacks or the bad one with lots of little sister snacks, and 2 has 4? endings depending on your choices in killing or not killing 3 important characters along with do you snack on the little sisters or not

  13. No words about dragon age origins?

  14. You should do a silent hill vs resident evil

  15. So they have Witcher 2 but not Witcher 3…

  16. the first time I played Until Dawn I made everyone die on purpose

  17. No Spec Ops: the Line? That game was amazing from beginning to end and it had 3 awesome endings.

  18. I am very disappointed in you for not including the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic games on this list.

  19. what about corpse Party the original game, that had so many endings

  20. Why'd they only say NCR and Caesar's legion, what about House and Yes Man?

  21. that game with the dragon and the giant flying hungry babies? dont remember the name 😮

  22. Lol Why is Cora on the thumbnail? XD

  23. Number 10 is a trigger warrning

  24. What about bo2 mason can appear or not woods can die etc

  25. nice thumbnail meme, i see a fellow 9gagger i upvote

  26. actually undertale has a different endings even if you kill someone important which gives the game a lot more endings and i mean a lot

  27. None from the Zero Escape Series? Those games have loads of different endings.

  28. so it is OK to include Nier + Nier : Automata
    but you can't put Witcher 3 beside Witcher 2 ???

  29. I swear u guys have made 233 versions of this video?

  30. imagine this: a game that's only one hour and you only do choices like in the telltale games. But here's the thing: THIS GAME HAS 1 MILION ENDINGS!!! with 253,571 endings where your character dies.Also you can choose the age ranging from prehistoric to intergalactic era

  31. Far Cry 4 had one of the worst endings to a game ever xD