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13 Upcoming First Person Shooters To Look Forward in 2017 | New FPS Games on PS4 Xbox One PC

Here are the 13 BEST anticipated First Person Shooter Games coming for the REST OF 2017! New FPS Games to look forward to including Call of Duty: WWII, Destiny 2 & Escape from Tarkov! Which game looks the most promising? Post in the comments!

0:00 Heathen

2:29 Call of Duty: World War 2 (Trailer from Playstation News: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChZ7ry3P_04tXh68bonlicw)

3:11 RAID: World War 2

5:12 Get Even

6:41 Escape From Tarkov

9:09 PREY


12:19 Battalion 1944

13:34 Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

16:50 Inner Chains

17:56 Rising Storm 2 Vietnam

19:12 Destiny 2

19:40 Strafe

21:01 Star Wars Battlefront 2

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  1. what game is the display pic from?

  2. world war 2 looked like a payday 2 DLC trailor

  3. most of them damn games look stupid as fuck.

  4. All theses games looking like some ass

  5. tarkov, batalion and ghost warrior 3

  6. I've noticed one thing, Most of these are based on World War.

  7. Escape fromTarkov is a rip off of Battlefield four

  8. get even looks interesting, shooting round corners with the corner gun and an interesting story with some choice in it, prey also looks great.all the others look generic and exactly the same as every other shooter ever

  9. What?
    Its 2017,and all these games look like shit.
    Escape from tarkov looks like stupid indie game.

  10. Jesus Christ, Prey looks like total shit. RIP not space bounty hunter game.

  11. I am 99% sure Enlisted is NOT coming out in 2017.

  12. Hey what game is the thumb nail from? Please someone know????

  13. You should get the new Battalion 1944 footage that does the game A LOT better justice, the game looks and feels nothing like that footage in this video.

  14. The only thing I'm looking forward to is new episodes for iron fist.

  15. Wait i thought the protagonist in prey was male

  16. The cod trailer like got it from warthunder lol xD

  17. I have flagged you mother fuckerrrrzzz ?

  18. incase you guys were wondering later to pc means too fucking bad for us console players

  19. Why is the dust cover off on the AK in the thumbnail? Seems legit

  20. Wait is anybody else noticing that they switched the gender of the protagonist in prey 2?

  21. Even if cod ww2 comes out it's going to suck it's not that the games are futuristic that makes them bad it's activision they ruined it with the taunts and weapon skins and the black market and the dlc and the remakes and all that other trash

  22. All look good till they come out then they suck cock

  23. LOL at Battalion 1944. Who the hell waits for that after watching disasterous reveal footages?

  24. there is much better footage of battalion 1944 out, I recommend watching that. the footage in this video was very very early development the newest version of the game is much smoother

  25. Oh. It seems that was an unfortunate coincidence with an M-1 user reloading.