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12 NEW Single Player Games Coming in 2016-2017 | UPCOMING PS4 Xbox One PC

Here are 12 NEW Upcoming Single Player Games You Definitely Need To Play in 2016 and beyond. PS4 Games, Xbox One Games & PC Games! Which one looks the best? Post in the comments!

Video guide incoming!

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  1. A few great entries, but come on.,, that battlefield 1 trailer was epic

  2. I was only interested in the last game…what I could see of it! mmmm….

  3. why is battlefield 1 on this list?

  4. singleplayer : battlefield big joke

  5. only thing about bf1, I know it is a game, but allieds lost 22 million casualties and Germany 1.7 million casualties, and yet only Germans die etc

  6. excuse me.. Assasin 2017 brick face edition? WTF? xD

  7. 2016 was "meh" for games, i guess 2017 will be better

  8. Can't wait for Sniper Elite 4. Going to be awesome.

  9. what the flip is with agony that looks like a really messed up walking sim

  10. that echo game looks very interesting

  11. Dont buy Battfield 1 it is nothing like the trailer and very very short

  12. did the music on the bettlefield has a name plz

  13. 18:36 the same scream in bloodborne when you get to the Hemwick area

  14. this days game all about money zero story missed old days

  15. everyone needs to stop comparing and just play

  16. omfg im looking for games
    i only have
    gta 5
    fifa 16 and 17
    nba 2k16
    cod bo3
    mad max

  17. that game before Assassin's Creed was creepy as fuck. Definition of destination fucked

  18. Watch Dogs 2 is what happens when boring adults try to be "hip" and fit in so they can hang out with their kids' friends…

  19. Battlefield 1's War stories are too short the game was made 90% as a multiplayer game. To get anything more out of campaign you have to play on hard and find all collectibles which doesn't make up for lack of story. I finished the majority of it in one day on hard and I wasn't exactly breezing through it.

  20. Seriously getting sick of all these games where you either fight germans, kill them or portray them as some minions of pure evil and darkness…. Thats just prodding a knife in stuff that is dead for a long time…

  21. horizon zero dawn. i think im liking the controls for this one.

  22. Maybe its the trailers that need to get out all the flashy scenes from the games they re projecting… But i see nothing essentially interesting in any of these games and i wouldn't spend nor money or time… Too hollow all of them… what a shame with this potential..

  23. I feel kinda bad. we only live so long, imagine all the great games that will come out after we die…

  24. guys anyone knows whats the name of the song at 3:29? i love it!

  25. welcome to the family son…da fuk

  26. I subscribe your chenal bro can you subscribe my chenal bro

  27. ps4 pro looks good, I'm getting it in April I just got a 4k TV so I'm almost set

  28. BF1 count as single player game?