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12 Minutes of Horizon: Zero Dawn Gameplay (with Commentary)

We take you through some of our favourite moments from a few hours’ hands-on with Guerrilla’s upcoming future-cavepeople epic.

Horizon: Zero Dawn Official Story Trailer:

Horizon: Zero Dawn Trailer – PSX 2016:

Horizon: Zero Dawn Official Creating a New World Trailer:

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40 Big PlayStation 4 Games of 2017:

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  1. what is the top site a can dawlan this game into torent dawlander

  2. Got this game, it's amazing game,great vid


  4. I don't know if i should buy this game or mass effect

  5. Nice to see the ONM team is still going strong lol

  6. Played this tonight awsome to play we took down thunderjaw what a battle

  7. Anyone else predict Horizon will become Sony's Zelda franchise?

  8. an unskippable add for this game played before the video. coincidence? i think not

  9. this fool thought he the story ended at the proving boy will he be surprised.

  10. no laag on the ps4 pro. i love it!! with a pair of turtle beach Elite 800's woop.

  11. I find it sexist that you have to play as a woman in Horizon Zero Dawn

  12. This game looks great but, I have one problem…why are there robotic animals? Is it explained at all in the game?

  13. How do these complex machines reproduce themselves? How do they keep themselves energetically charged, with grass feeding? Also how are these robotic creatures keeping themselves so clean in mud and dirty water? Why is she destroying them for what purpose? National Enquirer wants to know……

  14. This is the best game ive ever played. Just beat it tonight.

  15. @XboxP3 this is the type of game XB1/PC gamers want to play.

  16. Does this game actually take skill, or is it like uncharted?

  17. would be great if you were able to mount most machines like ravager,behemoth and that massive eagle 🙁 my opinion, feel free to comment on my opinion ppl

  18. I was also cautious towards this game after being cancerized by the infamous No Man's Sky. This game had the potential to destroy me permanently, finishing what No Man's Sky started. But behold, it cured my wounds and resurrected my faith in open world exploration games, which I didn't enjoy too much in the first place as they tend to be dull. BUT THIS GAME IS F'n GOLD, or should i say METAL. I don't get anything bad to say about it. It has an addicting story and characters, interesting etymology, fun and solid combat with a perfect mixture of action, stealth and strategy, some of the most beautiful artwork ever seen in a video game, big open world where every corner is interesting and what not. tldr: It looks too good to be true, but it's actually true. I could say it's one of the most fun and interesting adventure games I have every played.

  19. This game reminds me of Crysis 2

  20. Seriously can't wait to get this

  21. Million times better that no mans sky

  22. It may be time for me to re-enter the world of ps4

  23. need character Animation and movement like this in our today early Access

  24. Games with a giant world to explore feels like it should be a full survival multiplayer now with quest and missions

  25. Its pretty interesting how different fan bases react to games. Not hating or anything, but the facial animations in this game aren't that great and no one says a thing. The Mass Effect Andromeda facial animations are mostly fine, and everyone is bitching about them in every trailer.

  26. The game seems really good. Just to be sure, is this game worth the money

  27. dont talk about the story FFS SPoilers alert

  28. This game in the Playstation store USA has audio spanish? Or at least subtitled? Thanks for helping me

  29. a bow is the only weapon of choice?

  30. Could those dinosaur things not cross the river at the 11:30 mark?