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12 AWESOME Upcoming Games To Look Forward in 2017 & Beyond | New Games on PS4 Xbox One PC

Here are 12 REALLY GREAT Upcoming Games coming in 2017 You SHOULD Look Forward! New Anticipated Games on PS4, Xbox One & PC. Which one looks the most promising? Post in the comments!

0:00 Prey for The Gods

1:57 theHunter Call of The Wild

4:37 Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

7:19 Last Year

9:50 Styx Shards of Darkness

11:33 DRONE

14:32 Vampyr

15:56 Inner Chains

17:11 The Last of Us 2

18:12 Daymare 1998

19:59 Scorn

22:10 Days of War

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  1. Hate looking at what appears a good idea for a game and finding out that it's a crappy multiplayer.

  2. BTW its call D.R.O.N.E not drone… Googling drone video game was quite the challenge =)

  3. Daymare just looks like the Walmart version of Resident Evil

  4. Fuck hunting games, I'm afraid later on more and more people will find it cool and really go out to the wild to kill some poor animals

  5. I want a good gritty in your face civil war game. Not Battlefield style. Maybe more Uncharted style with less absurd stunts. Defending Forts and Trains. Some battlefield missions. I guess like BFBC2

  6. dude you didn't even have Mass Effect Andromeda on this list, wtf is wrong with you?

  7. Hunting game with multiplayer? you already know what's gonna happen lol. Anyway, the hunting game, LoU2 and DRONE are the most interesting games on this list.

  8. Everyone getting triggered about the hunting game.

    Yeh, cause it's completely different to the games where you just kill people instead!

  9. Shittest games ever. fuck you

  10. what about they do a different hunting game like my cock hunting your assholes?

  11. Hunting Game awesome been waiting for a good hunting game

  12. Saving Private Ryan the video game

  13. heavily dream involve ipvzss boy accident correlation oh privacy note.

  14. I feel like other games have the Graphics, and atmosphere we ALL need, BUT THESE GAME COMPANIES DON'T LISTEN TO THE CUSTOMERS, WE NEED CO-OP SKYRIM THAT WORKS EASILY. WE NEED SOME CO-OP WAR SHOOTERS. WE NEED SOME CO-OP OPEN UNIVERSAL GAME PLAY. I feel like so many game company's would be rolling in cash if they would just do game topics like this. No man sky had the atmosphere, but nothing else, it had so much potential, but fucked it all up. I think the gaming should lead to more Single player, and Co-op, not just split screen Co-op, I mean easy to create and connect to lobbies cooperation. I hate how there are so many games such like Skyrim that would have made more money if they took the time and effort to make Multiplayer. Games should strive to consider a customers view point, instead of forcing something on to them. Some people just hate playing alone, the atmosphere of cooperation can make a game so much better. Dark Souls is a good example, atmosphere (check), Game-play (check), Challenging enough to keep you on your toes but make it fun (check), but the use of "needing to work for items to connect with your friends." is a bit annoying. There are so many ideas that could be exploited but end up being just another "its was to good to be true." statement. I hope people understand what I'm saying.

  15. dude your videos is biased to thriller genre

  16. dude your videos is biased to thriller genre

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  18. the second game looks like shit…. a hunting game? thats awesome? Hunting in real life is fucking awesome I don't need a game for things I can already do unless its a sports title

  19. indie games are becoming really interesting finally imo

  20. the Hunter call of the wild looks amazing!!!! multiplayer?!?!?!?! this is so awesome and the graphics are definitely on some next level shit !

  21. stop showing up in my damn recommended

  22. the hunter looks really great but why the fuck would you play hunting game?? they could've made a good game with those kinda graphics and really great story.

  23. The world building in DRONE looks cool af