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10 New Upcoming Open World Games You Didn’t Know About 2017 & 2018 (PS4 Xbox One PC)

In this video, we take a look at the Top 10 MASSIVE Upcoming Open World Games in 2017 and Beyond. Which of these titles are you interested in? Comment your thoughts on the 10 HUGE Upcoming Open World Games to Play! These are the Top 10 Big Upcoming Open World Games in 2017 and 2018. Keep in mind, these games are in no particular order.

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Games in this countdown-

Ashes of Creation


Dark and Light

Edge of Eternity


Freeman Star Edge


Lost Region

Claw Hunter

Die Young


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  1. Ashes of Creation & Dark and Light Look really good hope they make it and get released.

  2. Claw Hunter although not a huge fan of the name the game it self from what they showed looks real …. like they didn't try and spice it up 2 mutch for the vid… but showing lil mechanics that are not the smoothest but it's got somthing going reminds me of Ark but then again look at alot of the shit coming out there days lol

  3. Why is it assumed that we don't know about these games? I had heard of most of them already

  4. So more dayz remakes and ark remakes highly disapointed

  5. Freeman star edge looks interesting! reminds me of a 3rd person skyrim mixed with Mass Effect 😀

  6. is dark and light coming to ps4 anyone? ?

  7. what's the game in the thumbnail(sorry if I spelled that wrong)

  8. holy shit this first game is a must

  9. Dark and Light looks really good, I wish it was coming out sooner though. I really want to find a good mmorpg to play, I'm just not happy with anything out right now. I want a good game right! now! not later.

  10. Edge of eternity is just final fantasy. They didn't even try to hide it.

  11. my duck dodgers videogame for nintendo looks more interesting.

  12. wow can't wait to play this game

  13. If its for PC its irrelevant to me

  14. The first game looks like mobile gaming ad.

  15. Freeman Star Edge
    I've been waiting for a game like this …

  16. could anyone tell me what is the name of greedfall soundtrack that he put on this video

  17. The first one looks like the most generic game of all time.

  18. Not going to say they look like crap like people often say instead I'm looking forward to Ashes of Creation and Greedfall.

  19. 15:00 is that stomping land where devs ran off? just new game with same cool trailer

  20. ashes of creation will be the best mmorpg since years. Probably. ( Yeah its without p2w )

  21. can someone tell me something about lost region?

  22. does anyone know which platforms any of these are coming to? would love to potentially follow some of them depending

  23. most of these games are coming out in 2024+

  24. This youtube channel is mostly just spam videos of "top 10 everything". The games in this look like shit.

  25. Next time give us 'GOOD upcoming open world games'

  26. Man all this survival games looks so generic to me, and they seem like copies of themselves :S
    The one that's more appealing was Wild aaaand I don't have a ps4 hahaha Ashes of Creations I'm following that one closely, and Greedfall I'm expecting to see it's premise cause it looks super good. Other than that I'm interested in Edge of Eternity and how will it be cause the trailer was MEH but the Kickstarter page makes it promising. But that voiceover is so awful… Oh, and Dark and Light looks interesting too

  27. open world is the new trend. open world games have one general problem, they dont have many sequences or dungeons, its a big world with lots of nothing to do but lots of running around :I made that experience from the last year with no mans sky, final fantasy XV and zelda breath of the wild D;

    zelda ocarina of time had 13 big dungeons, each took hours to clear. it felt like eternity to play that game. compared to that, zelda breath of the wild had only one dungeon in 4 variations, and the final caste was rly short. it has about 120 shrines like mini-levels but sadely they dont even feel like dungeons. so it is an open world game but there is still no content :I

    and.. dont buy any early access or pre-release versions. It allow bad publishers to make lazy ass games. and makes good publishers to become sloppy with their work. dont support this tendency. they can just earn money and quit without ever finishing their game. dont allow that

  28. girl in first trailer.. what with dress.. looking like peacock

  29. when you knew aboit a game on the games you didnt know about list xD

  30. When's Wild coming out for god sake?? Game looks awesome!!

  31. Not one gets me excited in the least. I need to see more, but I think I'm also growing a bit tired of open world games. There is nothing wrong with a linear game that tells one hell of a strong story and has the set pieces to make it look and feel epic.

  32. Wow some these games are new to me and refreshing. Thanks

  33. The die young voice acting was pretty cringe.

  34. Most of these are derivative indie rehashes that will suck ass. Maybe 1-2 will actually be worth playing.