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10 Games That Have Been Blamed For Real Life Crimes

Videogames have been unjustly blamed for many crimes since they first became a highly popular entertainment medium. Their power to simulate reality is both a blessing and their demise. We will be showcasing 10 videogames which have been named to be at fault for various criminal activities. From murders, robberies, breaking and entering, games like GTA V make a perfect scapegoat for the police and juries. Even games like Farmville have been named! Believe it or not!

Narrator: Davide Arbisi


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  1. When someone is starving doesnt it take about 2 days to actually start causing some serious damage, well in a 3 year olds case i guess one full day would do it? Can someone please help me understand..

  2. Why did you put a pic of bf3 in the thumbnail but not in the video? dickhead

  3. Okay am i the only one who think "fuck those games, they are not to blame, psycotic people are to blame?!" wth- if you over react over farmvile, maybe dont get fucking kids?! Damn

  4. I stomped on a turtle and ate shrooms because Mario told me to. Not guilty.

  5. I wonder what video game hitler was playing

  6. a 3 year old starved to death in only 15 hours? seriously?

  7. You should've named this video top 10 retards that mentioned video games during an important interrogation of crime suspects.

  8. video games dont kill people, people kill people well exept for that one kid in china that died while playing WOW

  9. Killing their children and friends over stupid video games. Pathetic humans.

  10. COD bs, military has training grounds for learning to use weaponry, man fucking imbeciles in this world.

  11. If playing cod means your a elite killing machine then professional cod players should have take over the world by now

  12. can you make a list of games that saved someone's life.I know couple

  13. You forgot about League of Legends the kid who commited suicide becaus he lost a match.

  14. Soldiers using video games to train their reflexes in real life? Most stupid thing I ever heard. there is not one video game out there that can resemble holding a real gun.

  15. soldiers play cod to train? hahah what the fuck excuse is that

  16. How can someone starve in 15 hours? I know it's child but, come on that's WAY to fast to die from. Now if had been like 2 days then yeah I can sort of see it. After all it takes nearly 3 days for someone to die from dehydration. And 3 weeks without food.

  17. snicker Prius online… so is the game good on gas? Also' CoD' is used by many armies for training? then why aren't there more acts of petulant doucebaggery by soldiers???

  18. How fucked up are some of these? How can you forget to feed your baby or kill someone over a game?

  19. Doom: Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.

  20. The thing is it wasn't the video games it was the people playing them

  21. Andrers breivik didnt play cod he was playing world of warcraft

  22. Your channel is awesome you deserve way more views keep up the good work

  23. Well, media is pretty good at finding scapegoats… And some people will do stupid/cruel things regardless of music they listen to, games the play if play them at all, etc.

  24. don't blame videogames for some people's natural stupidity…

  25. lol worst parents at that time most be awarded for worst parents for raising a "Virtual" Child instead of their real child..

    this kinda ov reminds me of me playing skyrim and taking WAY too much care to my adopted chilld :vvv

  26. Slender is in the first place a creepy pasta, so the crime wasn't based on a video game in that case