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10 BIG Upcoming OPEN WORLD Games in 2017 (PS4 Switch Xbox One PC)

In this video, we take a look at the Top 10 Upcoming Open World Games in 2017. Which of these are you excited for? Comment your thoughts on the 10 BIG Open World Games Coming in 2017. These are the Top 10 Upcoming OPEN WORLD Games 2017.

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#10 – Ghost Recon Wildlands

#9 – State of Decay 2

#8 – Agents of Mayhem

#7 – Days Gone

#6 – Escape From Tarkov

#5 – NieR Automata

#4 – Horizon Zero Dawn

#3 – The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

#2 – Mass Effect Andromeda

#1 – Red Dead Redemption 2

—Honorable Mentions—
Crackdown 3

Gravity Rush 2

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3


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  1. I hate this bullshit PS4 only games like srsly :/

  2. But, where is The Last Of Us 2?

  3. I never get it when games come out for PS4 and PC but not Xbox when games for PC are mostly made for windows which is obviously Microsoft so why they not have it for Xbox I just don't get that at all. If somkne could tell me maybe I'm missing somthing here idk.


  5. Gamers want games not graphics Why is there no t shirt of it

  6. you should really check out the new game identity that might be coming out this year it's a GTA / arma 3 / with Sims

  7. escape from tarkov gives me a fat boner

  8. I'm sorry but Horizons sucks and I have not interest in playing it. The fact that I'm stuck playing a female lead makes the game trash in my mind.

  9. called #1!!! already pre-ordered

  10. is anybody looking forward to Just cause 4

  11. its fps then open world uhhh duhh

  12. whats the name of the game in the thumbnail? it looks great.

  13. Fuck all that bullshit we need a bully 2

  14. Skyrim special edition for netenido switch

  15. Im not gonna buy a Ubisoft game : this times are over forever

  16. where the heck is borderlands 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. 0:19 Ghost Recon Wildlands (We all know that game by now)
    1:20 State Of Decay 2 (Meh looks like shit)
    2:19 Agents Of Mayhem (Looks like a discount Overwatch)
    3:20 Days Gone (Let's hope the AI is good)
    4:29 Escape From Tarkov (Looks real promising)
    5:27 Nier Automata (Some sort of fast-paced anime)
    6:44 Horizon Zero Dawn (Too bad I have Xbox)
    7:50 Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild (Looks like fucking play doh)
    8:22 Mass Effect Andromeda (Lol their faces)
    9:36 Honorable Mentions (Finally a Microsoft exclusive)
    10:57 (Take a guess :D)

  18. I have been waiting for state of decay 2 for years

  19. I like how star Citizen still doesn't have a release date yet

  20. have a open world zombies game with an online and solo option like gta 5 online and story option were you start with nothing but a hatchet online mode will save your charactors progress and location coords of last time you were on, solo same deal just no body else

  21. Some of them are already out. lol

  22. Some of them are already out. lol

  23. Our number 1 is RDR2 even though there's no information on it yet. Yeah that's a credible source thanks for the information or lack thereof we have on it guys!

  24. which one is that in the thumbnail?

  25. Horizon Zero Dawn reminds me of Zoids