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10 Best Xbox One Games You Had To Play In 2016!

Benny and Lydia look back over an amazing year and pick their ten favourites.
What have been your top ten games of the year? Share your lists in the comments below!
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  1. Hey guys, Come check out some of my video's if you have the time !! Thank you 🙂

  2. I love Corvo in dishonored 2, I loved the first dishonored, but the second one was a perfect game, I finished it 5 times already, there's so many different things that I can do, I prefer Corvo' s powers better, they're easier to control, the only thing that I hated was far reach cause it's super hard to control, I just love everything else, especially new game plus cause u can use Corvo and have both character's powers. it's a great game

  3. Bf1 is the best game of 2016

  4. Why not batman ? Not lego . Like batman arkham knight

  5. Ok most of this list was trash till the end

  6. I'm happy now seeing this I got the bundle

  7. that list sucked major asshole

  8. Does Xbox have any games similar to "horizon" for the ps4

  9. Sucks they didn't release horizon on xbox. I need to buy a new console so it looks like PS4 is my choice.

  10. Should I get Metal Gear Solid 5 or Witcher 3?

  11. I feel like I miss out on a major experience by not playing these games with friends. I'm outta college now, and none of my friends really game, and I've gotten more into it. Too bad I didn't grow up in this generation, so I could get that.

  12. Xbox One S, aka the iPhone 7s. No thanks, I'll wait for the Xbox 2, aka iPhone 8.

  13. I'm not sure about number 8………..

  14. I don't agree with all of it but I don't hate the list

  15. The only good game ther are Fifa 17

  16. Battlefield 1 has everything I asked for, except for red dot sights, attachments, a progression system, unique weapons, but yah it was cool

  17. zzzzz another couple with British accents..

  18. wow this guy said cod was good, im not subscribing, hes a moron

  19. What about steep that's an ok game that should be on there

  20. you rated COD higher than Battlefield 1…