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10 Best Xbox One Games of 2016 So Far! How many have you played?

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Get ahead of E3 2016 with a collection of the greatest games available on Xbox One from big budget blockbusters to cute and clever [email protected] games.

Played some? Let us know below and be sure to tell us what your favourite games of 2016 have been so far!


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  1. Battlefield 1 best number 1 game of the end of 2016

  2. Who prefers ARK over far cry. Everybody should!

  3. I wanna get over watch sooooo bad

  4. prefer only 21 heros. we now have 24!

  5. I am switching to Xbox from pc

  6. The Division wasn't as expected it lacked what it showed in the trailer.

  7. The division?
    Far cry primal?

    And darksouls3 is an honorable mention!!!!

    Ok ?

  8. ha you dont know this game sucked in 2016

  9. I guess playing video games with no woman around is the worst game

  10. Last i knew Rainbow Six Siege was one of the top paid games and top games on the xbox store for about a year ?

  11. I'm just sitting here watching game plays on xbox 1s and Xbox 1 s and Btw I like the games Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 and Froza Horizon 3 and Destiny and GTA 5 and I kinda like halo 5