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10 Best Xbox One games (as of Feb 2017)

Here’s out list of what we think are the 10 best Xbox One games you can play right now.
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  1. Ppl don't realize that this video is about opinions not excluzives….. He's showing which games had made the top RATED list as in full 5 stars not 4 (COD) has failed to earn 5 but this is Xbox rated only not ps4 rated so go watch a ps4 version with their best games top rated/best…

  2. Not a single exclusive title. That's not why I've bought Xbox One… should have stayed on the side of playstation

  3. Witcher 3 number 5?
    behind forza and doom?
    lol, list is irrelevant

  4. I think Sunset Overdrive should replace Destiny

  5. it's the list of the 10 best games on xbox one; not xbox exclusives. And why are there so many playstation snobs around? Each system has its strengths and weaknesses. I'm sure the list of top 10 ps4 games would have 7 or 8 playable on xboxone too. Though, I don't know in what universe Fallout 4 would be ahead of the Witcher 3 on any list.

  6. RARE Replay, Forza Horizon 2 and 3, Gears of War 4 and Halo Master Chief Collection are some of the best games for Xbox One (Exclusive wise) It lacks the games but Halo, Forza and Gears of War are good series to me especially Halo.
    Sunset Overdrive is a good one to play to if your looking for some fun.

  7. Where the fuck is sunset overdrive?

  8. games on this list sold better on ps4, how are they suddenly xbox owned games?

  9. These are great games but they are old old games!!!
    This is why I sold my XBOX ONE and move over to Steam and PS4.
    MIcrosoft sucks!!!!

  10. for those of you trashing box for their lack of exclusives. no man's sky failed, xbox Is not the best right now but saving evrything for scorpio, and PlayStation has gone through tough times too. So be quiet and go see your lists for the best ps4 games it pc games

  11. kys doom is 8 hour gameplay and multip[]lyer sauck ass – 2/10 highest score for this shithole repetive only 8 hour nonsense and you put on top 1 hjaha im laffin at u cuz u dont no a gud gam if it slap u in the fac3

  12. 2 things to say 1. Where is call of duty 2. He played metal gear on PS4

  13. fallout 4 needs more dlc I hate the fact that it's sitting on my shelf now collecting dust. that game was way to much fun.

  14. Destiny is good??? Destiny repeats the same gameplay with barely any story depending on if you bought the DLC

  15. doom as #1? lol fucking garbage

  16. wheres cod iw, oh wait that's right

  17. where in the actually f#### is halo?

  18. Personally I think Doom is trash

  19. Wow from what I've been reading in the comments you skipped over alot of great games. Thanks to the true gamers in the comments but no thanks to the maker of this weak content!!!

  20. destiny is shit
    pathetic constantly paying for next part like a shitty tell tale game

  21. I would have put titanfall 2 at number 1 because it is one of the best games I have ever played in my life

  22. Why is everyone crying about exclusives. Ps4 has way more exclusives but they are boring, or outdated. The only game I can see myself playing that is a ps4 exclusive is uncharted 4, the rest are wack. On Xbox I would only play gears 4 because halo is pretty shit nowadays in my opinion. If u guys care about exclusives so much go play the fucking wii u retards.

  23. I don't have an XBox, and I own 4 of these games, and I could have 4 more if I wanted to. I thought this was supposed to be a XBox exclusives list.

  24. Do any of you guys know any other good games for the Xbox One under $40.

  25. how is witcher 3 at #5…. damn shame

  26. I feel like somebody's games paid to be on this top 10 list Blake destiny I spent over 200 just play with my friend I preorder this game when I first came out with the season pass just to get disappointed at the grind and the still grind and to collect 17 Exotics that became completely trash after the year two and three Bs

  27. not done a great job mate 2 exclusives and I have an xbox but even I can admit ps4 plays half of this list better didn't mention any indie exclusives or arcade aswell

  28. This is the dumbest list ever. All of these games were released 2016 or earlier. Microsoft needs to get there shit together! Back compact is awesome but PS4 is kicking your ass with exclusive. Days Gone Spider-Man and many others. Those are two I was excited for till I found out that they are JUST for the PS4. Wtf!!!!

  29. What happen to battlefield 1????? At least top 3