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10 Best Xbox One games (as of Feb 2016)

Here’s out list of what we think are the 10 best Xbox One games you can play right now.
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  1. Pro-batmobile? It was used too much.

  2. i need help soemone pleaze reply what should i get DOOM vs METAL GEAR SOLID 5 I NEVER PLAYED ANY METEL GEAR GAME PLZ!!!

  3. That poor horse in the intro funny as hell though

  4. That poor horse in the intro funny as hell though

  5. Ok let me guess gta 5 gonna be on here commented before watching

  6. I want to play batman but it's rated m

  7. lol ? I didn't mean it I don't have a bad boy who was the same as the last one ☝️ and my

  8. I thought mincraft was the best

  9. I played the phantom pain on the 370

  10. FF15 is a must have for anyone it just came out and its fucking awesome. It makes you feel like you have friends when you really dont.

  11. Le plaisir du Jeux , piloatge incomparable depuis Real Raing 3 plus rien forza il y a que le Graphique de bien car Pilotage est a chier !
    2016 le Meilleur piloatge est gyroscopic ! Et non via joystick comme en 1945 !

  12. Jeux sous Xbox deviens Vraiment en Papier !

  13. Good list except inquistion, also Witcher 3 is my No 1, The top 3 are inter-changeable tbh!

  14. 1.GTA V
    2.Halo 5
    3.Forza Motorsport 6
    4.Call of duty:Black ops 3
    5.Batman:Arkham knight
    6.Overwatch:Origins edition
    8.NBA 2k16
    9.Fifa 16
    10.TMNT:Mutants in Manhattan

  15. MAN IDK BUT 1 OF THESE GAMES OF THIS LIST WHAT ABOUT minecraft,fallout 4,overwatch….

  16. So does your mom! What's your point?

  17. I almost have all the games in this video

  18. I'm finally upgrading to Xbox One at the end of November! Have any good game ideas? I really enjoy assassin's creed games, being AC 2, AC 3 and AC 4, never tried newer AC games. I don't like fps games and games that cost a lot (Overwatch) I also like NBA. Anybody have any ideas? I'm thinking of Batman: arkham night and Shadow of Mordor

  19. I wish I finished Fallout before I played Witcher ……..

  20. the best game in x box one is grand theft auto 5

  21. Lol this list. 1. Life is Strange 2. Quantum Break 3. MGSV 4. NFS2015 5. Killer Instinct 6. Titanfall 7. Batman AK 8. Halo 5 9. Gears of War UE 10. Doom any other like Witcher crap or Fallout teenhype is TRASH.

  22. When will I see a decent co op XMen Children of the Atom remake. 4player Action packed arcade ShoalinMonk style. Please share this idea. The daydream of this future popular game is my happy place.????

  23. How the fuck is Kalimba better then COD,Battlefield and Farcry I can code a game better then that in a day like that's just not acceptable.

  24. 1. GTA5
    2. Call of duty black ops 3
    3. Rainbow six siege
    4. Minecraft
    5. Halo 5
    6. Doom
    7. Fallout 4
    8. Advanced warfare
    9. Need for speed rivals
    Call of duty ghost

  25. Games i want from this list
    1) Batman
    2) Halo
    3) Metal Gear Solid

  26. You forgot Star Wars Battlefront

  27. gta san andreas and minecraft ps vita first